Common Photo Loss Issues

There are a few scenarios resulting in photo loss. However, you have ways to recover photos that are permanently deleted because of deletion, format, card error, device error, virus and etc.

delete photos


You may accidentally delete your photos and they don’t even end up in the recycle bin.



You are short for disk space and may mistakenly choose to format the drive for new data space.

card error

Card Error

Card error such as logical corruption and physical damage will make you unable to access files and photos.

device error

Device Error

The Android, iOS or PC becomes logically corrupted and is unable to read the photo data.

virus or malware


Malware attacks on the systems severely and makes the OS to delete photos wrongly.

regain photos retrieve photos

How to Recover Deleted/Lost/Missing Photos?

pc usb flash drive hard drive sd/cf card digital camera

Recover photos from different storage devices

There are many types of storage devices available online and everyone is using the one that suits their needs perfectly.

windows mac pc

Recover photos from Windows/Mac PC:

Your Windows or Mac computer or its components gets malfunctioned. In the case, you cannot normally operate PC to access photos.

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sd card

Perform photo recovery from SD/CF Card:

SD or CF cards are small and fragile. When the connector gets weared, device cannot access photos store on the cards.

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digital camera

Recover recently lost photos from Digital Camera:

Camera is easily broken when taking photos in the wild. A careless drop or hit may deprivate picture storage ability.

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Recover lost/missing photos from USB Flash Drive:

A USB is a portable and essential storage media. However, soaking in water or being in overheating may also exterminate the data.

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hard drive

Recover permanently deleted photos from HHD:

HHD or SSD may get seriously corrupted. In the case, the photo data cannot be dealt properly by operating system.

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memory card

Recover deleted photos from Memory Card:

The small memory card is applied in your digital camera. This storage device can get broken due to physical damage.

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Regain photos from cameras of different brands

If you are a professional photographer or use a camera for taking photos. The photos can be recovered no matter what brand camera you have.

canon camera

Do photo recovery from Canon Camera:

Canon is a well-known Japanese brand, professional in printing and photograph industry. But sometimes, defective cameras exist.

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fuji camera

Recover deleted photos from Fujifilm Camera:

Undoubtely Fuji's film and camera are a great success. However, its problematic components may lead to photo loss.

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nikon camera

Recover photos from Nikon Camera:

Nikon is a widely known camera brand for its excellence. You can recover your photos if your Nikon camera is damaged.

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sony camera

Perform lost photo recovery from Sony Camera:

Sony zoom camera is warmly welcomed by those who love taking pictures. Photo loss due to Sony device error can also be saved.

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panasonic camera

Regain missing photos from Panosonic Camera:

Panasonic has branched out into professional mirrorless cameras. The deleted photos can be regained with professional technician.

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minolta camera

Retrieve photos from Minolta Camera:

Minolta is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of digital cameras founded back in 1928. But still photo loss issues may happen.

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computer cr2 raw png psd jpg

Retrieve photos of different file formats

There are many formats available to select before saving a photo on devices such as Android, iOS, or Windows/Mac. Each photo format is used for a different purpose. You can recover photos of different formats, such as jpg, jpeg, png, cr2, raw, psd and etc.


Recover missing CR2 / RAW photos:

Photos in CRW/CR2 format are usually taken with a Canon camera.

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Recover formatted JPG/JPEG photos:

JPG/JPEG photo format is one the most used photo formats in Windows and Mac.

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Regain lost PSD photos:

These PSD photos are layered files and exactly ideal for Photoshop.

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PNG photo recovery:

You can recover photos from SD card and HDD devices stored in PNG format.

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Recover deleted Instagram Photos:

If you used a chat or photo album to store photos on Instagram and now they are lost, you can recover those photos.

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Recover Snapchat photos:

People use Snapchat for its variety of filters. You can recover Snapchat photos if they were deleted accidentally.

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Retrieve lost/missing Pinterest photos:

Pinterest is all filled with creativity and services. If you had a profile and lost your photos, they can have them back.

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Retrieve Deleted Facebook photos:

Facebook is the most popular social platform globally. If images saved from Facebook get lost, they can also be retrieved.

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Does Photo Recovery Software Work?

Each photo recovery software has its own working process. But for your understanding, we have given some of the working and process details below.

How Photos Store on Device?

sequential order and scattered order photos store on device

How does OS index a photo?

Content data - specific information

File system record - photo name, photo path, photo time, and other attributes

What happens when delete a photo?

OS marks the deleted photos as "Blank"

delete a photo

How Does Deleted Photo Recovery Software Works?

Photo recovery software scans for the deleted photos and requires you to store the recovery photo to another storage device.

save a recovered photo

Knowledge Class: How Does Photo Recovery Works?

Photo recovery software is able to search for data stored on the storage device though the data is marked as "blank". The following video shows the process in details. Check for the knowledge prepared for you.

Best Photo Recovery Software

wondershare recoverit

  • Preview and recover permaently removed photos in three steps.
  • Save lost photos of jpg, jpeg, png, cr2, raw and other formats.
  • Retrieve photos missing from Nikon, Canon, Samsung camera.
  • Recover Lost/Deleted/Formatted Photos in Two Clicks

    Recover Lost/Deleted/Formatted Photos in Two Clicks

    select location
    scan for lost photos
    recover missing photos

    1. Select

    Select a retrieval destination.


    2. Scan

    Scan for the lost or deleted photos.


    3. Recover

    Preview and recover the photos.

    Tips & Tricks to Prevent Photo Loss

    sync photos to onedrive

    Sync Photos to OneDrive

    If you want a safer solution, then OneDrive Cloud storage is a perfect option.

    sync photos to google drive

    Sync Photo to Google Drive

    The same goes for Google Drive, you can visit both and see which one is best for you.

    access backed up photos

    Access Backed up Photos

    Wondering where is the backup copy in face of an immergent data loss. Read the article to know more.

    place photo store on mac

    Place photo store on Mac

    Mac computer has its own place for backup storage. Follow the guide to get access.

    wondershare ubackit

    Wondershare UBackit
    - Photo Backup Software

  • Backup photos, audios, videos, document and programs in 2 clicks.
  • Backup files automatically and incrementally.
  • Manage your backup copy smartly and intelligently.
  • Recoverit Photo Recovery FAQs

    • There are many ways to recover lost photos if you are using a Windows or Android device. If you had a backup on your iCloud OneDrive or Google Drive account, you can easily restore that backup and recover all your lost photos. If you want to use the iCloud method, you can use a third-party application such as Wondershare Recoverit to recover your photos. It's a simple tool with many useful features.
    • Wondershare Recoverit is one of the most popular free data recovery softwares, providing many features free of cost. Users can recover photos from memory cards, SD cards, Digital Cameras, and USB. If you have lost data because of different scenarios such as corrupted files, deletions due to viruses, and formatted hard drives, you can visit our website now and download the recovery software.
    • Yes, it can be done with two methods, one is to check if your photo gallery is connected to the One Drive and the second is to use a data recovery tool to recover all the deleted photos. You can use Wondershare Recoverit, it is a trending and reliable software to recover deleted photos.
    • If you have turned on sync and auto backup, your permanently deleted photos can be retrieved from the bin. If that's not the case, you will have to find out how syncing works or use a photo-recovering tool that will help retrieve the lost photos.
    • The deleted photos cannot be retrieved if the data is overwritten. So must keep in mind that when you found that your precious files get lost, you must stop using the device immediately.

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