Nica San Juan

Nica San Juan

  • Expert technical and machine learning writer;
  • Helped a company raise $153 million within 3 hours.
  • A travelling hobbyist who enjoy amazing sceneries every year.

Experience & Education

Work Experience & Education

Nica completed her BA Political Science degree in the top university in her country. Instead of going to law school and becoming a prestigious lawyer, she has chosen to pursue a career in writing and entrepreneurship. Though this was not an easy decision for her to make, she was able to realize where her passion lies after getting numerous writing gigs and working closely with her clients who were mostly female entrepreneurs from first world countries.

During her five years of professional writing experience, she was able to work with startup founders who graduated from Harvard, tech companies funded by Y-Combinator, CEOs of multi-million dollar blockchain companies, famous investment companies in London and many more. Moreover, she helped a blockchain company raise $153 million within 3 hours after the start of its ICO.

Right now, she is fond of writing articles, case studies and reports related to finance, cryptocurrency, machine learning, AI and cybersecurity.


Nica has worked either as a writer, editor or content manager for established companies in US, Australia, UK and Switzerland. While freelancing, she is building the foundations of her next tech startup which she aims to launch by 2020.


Travelling is one of Nica's most favorite hobbies. She aims to visit at least three countries per year and enjoy the amazing sceneries God has created.