How to Boost Computer Speed and Performance

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It sounds familiar? If your PC fits the description above, you may have lots of issues that need to be fixed in order to speed up computer and performance just as a new baby.

Computer builds up with junk files and unused files over time. Without regular check up and maintenance, they would bring some errors. And errors begin to accumulate on your PC which may cause your computer to run slow, programs to run not like they used, and even potential system failure. Then how to identify the issues and boost computer speed? If you're not sure how you can identify the issues that are plaguing your system, you are suggested to install PC booster software that can help you perform the task, so that you don't need to do any judgment or selection. Here Wondershare 1-Click PC Care is such kind of PC booster.

After installing and launching Wondershare 1-Click PC Care on your computer, the program willcheck your PC step by step automatically , including PC performance, security and stability and . You'll get a brief report with great advice after computer checking. You can browse the checking result so as to know problems of your computer. Then you can click "FIX NOW" button to to fix errors on your computer after checking.

speed up compute

The main work 1-Click PC Care does to speed up computer:

PC performance: Ensure you have the proper hardware to support Windows, and check your Windows boot time, Windows paging file size, system service status, registry redundancy and junk files on your PC, and your computer's network settings.

PC Stability: Ensure your computer's hardware is enough for Windows, and check system service status, boot time of your Windows, trash files on your computer, registry file redundancy, Windows paging file size and network settings of your computer.

PC Security: Check personal privacy, Windows security and network security on your PC, to ensure you have a stable and safe Windows environment.

Quickly and easily identify all PC problems affecting your system's speed and performance, and eliminate them all. You don't need to be an expert, but you can act as a real expert with no help from friends and no money cost on PC technicians, only with 1-Click PC Care. Easy to boost your PC with a single click!

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