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How to Create Partition on Windows 10 and Mac OS X

This page shows the guide on how to create partition on Windows 10 and Mac OS X, as well as on how to recover lost files caused by partitioning.

Posted by | Aug 31,2018 19:19 pm

Things You Should Know About EFI System Partition

This article talks about what EFI system partition , how to delete EFI system partition and how to recover lost data from the partition.

Posted by | Aug 27,2018 18:08 pm

How to Double Space or Change Line Spacing in Microsoft Word Effectively

Learn the way to change line spacing in MS word. The effective process mentioned is to be followed to get the work done.

Posted by | Aug 27,2018 11:46 am

Why the hard disk's default name is alway the C: drive?

An informative article on everything you need to know about hard disk and C: drive.

Posted by | Aug 23,2018 10:23 am

How to Copy OS to A New Hard Drive

If you want to copy OS to a new hard drive and want it work normally, you have to clone or image it. The article shows you how to copy the full operating system to a new hard drive.

Posted by | Aug 22,2018 16:20 pm

What’s the Difference Between APFS, Mac OS Extended (HFS+) and ExFAT

This page tells you about the difference between APFS, Mac OS extended(HFS+), and ExFAT.

Posted by | Aug 22,2018 15:07 pm
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