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How to force empty the trash on your Mac

This tutorial has been developed to make sure that the user gets to the core process of forcedly emptying the trash on Mac without any problem. The steps that have been mentioned here are also accompanied by the screenshots.

Posted by | Sep 11,2018 18:43 pm

How to Resize a Mac Volume with Mac Disk Utility

Disk utility is a dramatic app for Mac to manage Mac Volume.Follow the steps in this article we'll focus on how to resize Mac volume with Disk Utility.

Posted by | Aug 31,2018 18:02 pm

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi after MAC OS Sierra Upgrade

Have you ever wondered how to fix slow Wi-Fi after MAC OS Sierra Upgrade? Well,you’ll be glad since your problems will be solved after reading this article.

Posted by | Aug 28,2018 19:14 pm

How to fix a Mac that won’t shut down

The tutorial offers a four-step guide with multiple solutions for how to fix a Mac that won’t shut down. Read them with patience and calm before doing the tread.

Posted by | Aug 28,2018 17:25 pm

How to Write to NTFS Drives on a Mac

A Mac can read NTFS files but cannot write on them. This can be changed by using some free third party apps or Apple’s experimental NTFS writing support.

Posted by | Aug 23,2018 14:58 pm

How to Fix Slow Mac Performance with 10 Easy Ways

Are you worried about slow Mac performance? Here are the 10 easy ways for you to fix slow Mac performance quickly.

Posted by | Aug 22,2018 11:56 am
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