How to Select A Secure Cloud Backup Service on Windows?

Security is a very big deal in terms of cloud backup. Here, you will get to know how to select a secure cloud backup service to back up your files.

How to Select A Secure Cloud Backup Service on Windows?

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There are many factors by which people decide how good a cloud backup service is. For example, we talk about internet speed, file size, ease of accessibility, and security. Of all the factors, security is one factor that you should not play with. This is visible in how people, especially small businesses who are the most susceptible to security issues, look for the best secure cloud backup to use.

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Getting to know the best secure cloud backup service is not the only thing. Something better would be to understand what to check in cloud backup services in terms of security. Therefore, here we will show you the ways cloud backup services keep your files secure and how important it is to use a secure cloud backup service. It will also include cloud backup security concerns and their solutions. To cap it off, we will introduce a secure means you can get the best local and cloud backup. Read on!!!

Ways by Which Cloud Backup Service Keep Files Secure

There are many ways by which cloud backup services make sure your files are secure. However, the three important means of doing that are data encryption, two-factor authentication, and password. Some secure cloud backup services also use features such as remote wiping etc.

Getting to know the security approach of a cloud backup service is very important. Below are the three means by which secure cloud backup services ensure data security:

Data Encryption

Data encryption is the encoding of data such that only authorized personnel will have access to it. It is a very important security measure in many acclaimed secure online backup services. For example, services such as Google Drive uses it.

There are many encryption algorithms in modern-day online backup. However, the most common encryption algorithm used by many cloud backup services is AES encryption. Examples of top cloud backup services using it are Google Drive and pCloud.

AES encryption algorithm has three keys sizes:

There are many technical terms associated. However, we believe you don't need them. AES encryption is a highly rated encryption algorithm. So, any online backup services using it should be very secure.

A very good representation of cloud backup service use of data encryption is Google Drive. Google Drive decrypt and encrypt data using 256-bit AES keys. The system further improves security by encrypting data at rest in 128-bit AES keys.

There are other popular encryption algorithms, e.g., RSA and 3DES. However, they are not popular among online backup services.

Security Protocols

To further strengthen security, cloud backup services use security protocols. Security protocols ensure that communication between the two devices is secure. In this case, the communicating devices are the device uploading the files and the data center.

Top examples of security protocols are TLS and SSL encryption. Google Drive uses the TLS security protocol when you upload files from your device to Google Drive.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another way a secure cloud backup service protects files is by using two-factor authentication (2FA). Two-factor authentication from its name means you will need to authenticate that you are the one requiring access to your files.

There are two types of two-factor authentication. There is a simple one that requires a pin or link as a confirmation. The pin and link can be delivered by email, or message to the old device.

The second type of two-factor verification is Advanced Two-Factor Authentication. Here, you will only be able to access your files with a physical 2FA key. The physical key can be a USB drive or any other means provided by the cloud backup service.

2FA is becoming a common thing in the modern world. It is not only available to cloud backup services. For example, Google applications, e.g., Google Mail, bank apps, etc., all require the security measure. It is very important because it further makes cloud backup services reliable for highly sensitive files.


A password is an old way of securing files. Yet all cloud backup services use it. The only problem with Password is that it is not very secure. This is because many people do not know how to set it.

You can set your password by introducing capital letters and symbols into it. This will make it hard for hackers to guess the password and access to your files. Also, it would be best if you don't repeat passwords. Some cloud backup services such as also allows you to use custom passwords.

Generally, in terms of securing your files, using a password is the least secure method. To strengthen its use, you can incorporate it into 2FA.

Remote Wiping

Remote wiping is another means of ensuring that your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. However, it carries a risk. When activated, all the files on the device are lost and irretrievable.

To guard against such occurrence, you can include a local backup to your backup option. We will deal with this at the end of the article.


While it is not a security measure itself, it helps to keep you abreast of everything happening to your files. This can be in terms of login, log out into your cloud backup accounts. With proper notifications, you can easily flag unauthorized logins and ensure your files are safe.

Importance of Using Secure Cloud Backup Services?

The major category of people affected by security issues is those into small businesses. They don't worry only about factors such as cost, ease of accessibility, and internet speed. They also need to look out for a secure cloud backup service. All these show that security is a very important factor.

Using the means mentioned above, you already have an idea of how a secure cloud backup service can protect your files. When your files are protected, they are not accessible by any unauthorized personnel. If such an activity is to occur, there will be prompt notification of unauthorized access to your file.

Using a secure online backup service also carries the normal advantages of using cloud backup. You get to enjoy a flexible, scalable and reliable backup method.

Cloud Backup Security Issues

Cloud backup is a very secure backup option. However, since it involves the internet, there are bound to many cloud backup security concerns. Below are two common cloud backup security issues and how to go about them.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the worst cloud backup security issues you can face during cloud backup. It occurs in two ways: physical data breach and internet data breach.

A physical data breach occurs when criminals or criminal organizations gain access to cloud backup data centers. They can internally hack such data center and gain access to very sensitive data. Internet data breach, however, is majorly due to encryption issues and users' carelessness.

In order to avoid a data breach, there are some things you should do.

Data Loss

Another cloud backup security concern is data loss. It can occur due to many reasons, for example:

You can avoid data loss by having a secondary backup method. A major secondary backup is including a local backup option to your backup routine.

Data loss and data breaches are the two most common cloud backup security issues. However, they are not the only limitations of cloud backup. No matter the secure cloud backup service you choose, you will experience limitations such as cost, internet speed, and size restriction.

In order to combat these limitations, it is better to include a local backup option to your backup routine. A software that offers this function is AOMEI Backupper

Upgrading Your Backup Experience with AOMEI Backupper?

aomei backupper

Cloud backup is a safe method. However, even the most secure cloud backup service will have a problem. That is why we said it is better to include AOMEI Backupper in your backup routine.

Backupper also allows users to back up into the cloud. Therefore, you don't have to worry about using two platforms for such procedures.

To back up into the cloud, launch the software and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to File Backup

select file backup

name the backup image

Step 2 – Begin the Backup Process

add files or folders

Users with the paid version can use "Filter Setting" to target the files they want to backup.

select the cloud drive

choose the cloud backup service

AOMEI Backupper integrates both local and cloud backup options. Therefore, you can experience a seamless backup experience with the software. There are many functions attributed to the software. Its backup functions include File backup, System backup, Partition backup, and Disk backup. There are also the Clone, Sync and Restoring function.

With only these functions, Backupper will be the same as other local backup software. Therefore, it adds other features such as the schedule mode and event triggers to boosts itself.


Security is an important factor when choosing a cloud backup service. This article talked about the way cloud backup services secure our files. It also showed the importance of using a secure cloud backup service and the solutions to two major cloud backup security issues. To avert the cloud backup concerns, it recommended that you include a local backup option into your backup routine. A good way of doing this on Windows is by using AOMEI Backupper. Backupper is ideal for such a purpose because it incorporates both local and cloud backup functions so that you can have the best backup experience.

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