How to Fix Bootmgr Error

Many people who are not technically minded are not aware of the importance of the bootmgr. The term bootmgr refers to the boot manager file in Windows. If the bootmgr goes missing you would experience problems when starting your PC.

The usual bootmgr issue is that it is simply not there, rather than that it is damaged or corrupted in some way. The PC will not be able to enter Windows, either because it cannot find the installation, because it is trying to boot from a hard disk that has been corrupted or not properly configured, or because Windows itself has been corrupted. When the error comes up on screen it needs to be repaired, otherwise you will not be able to load the OS.

The boot manager file may have been corrupted or deleted accidentally. If there are bad sectors in the boot sector of the hard drive, these also can stop Windows from loading properly and cause the error message. An outdated BIOS or a recent Windows upgrade could also be responsible, as could incorrect settings on your PC.

The problem can also be caused by a virus, a crashed MBR or bad sectors on the hard drive. Abnormal shutdowns can also lead to this issue. You can manually perform a number of steps using Windows utilities, but this can be tricky work and in most cases the error message will indicate that you cannot load the system to look into the problem.

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden comes to the rescue for this and many other problems experienced by a typical PC user. It will restart Windows for you, run a sweep of the registry to sort out exactly what the problem is, and then fix it. The menus and options are easy to use and this powerful utility should be kept next to everyone's PC to ensure optimal performance.

Copy files, perform comprehensive backups, and schedule regular health checks to keep your PC running smoothly with Wondershare PowerSuite Golden.

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