How to Fix Slow Internet Explorer 8/9

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How to fix my Internet Explorer that is running so slow?

My version of Microsoft Internet Explorer runs very slowly, especially when I need to open up a new window or click a pop-up link. It takes almost 15 to 20 seconds to START loading and return the window I want. However, when I use the IE on computers in my school, it's far more quickly. What should I do to enhance my IE's starting up speed? (Its loading speed is okay, I just want to know about the suitable configurations to make.) Thanks.

Everyone wants to run their Internet Explorer smoothly and quickly on their computers, while after a certain period of time, a quick Internet Explorer could get slow due to lots of reasons. Hence, you have to maintain it after driving it for days. Here are 6 ways for you to check the slow Internet Explorer.

1. Using the latest version of Internet Explorer

If you're not using the newest version of Internet Explorer, upgrade it to the latest one. Usually the newest one offers improvement functionality and performance, as well as better compatibility for programs.

2. Check the installed add-ons

Check the add-ons you have installed on the Internet Explorer. If there are ones you don't use or don't work well, disable them alternatively. They may slow down IE browser, though they perform differently.

3. Reset the settings to default

During the time of using Internet Explorer, some settings of it may have been changed. Reset it to the original. Internet Explorer always works well at the very beginning when we use it. So reset it to the default by clicking Tools > Internet Options to access Reset button to revert all IE settings to default.

4. Scan spyware, virus and other programs

If all the operation on your computer get slow, there may be virus attacking, and you'd better run a virus scan on your computer to clear the spyware. That could destroy your Internet Explorer.

5. Clear the temporary files

If you never clear the temporary files on your Internet Explorer, it's the right time for you to do it now. Do it as following steps:
Open Internet Explorer > Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu > Click the General, Under Temporary Internet Files, Click Settings > Click View Files > Delete selected files. That's OK.

6. Check the Internet connection speed

Slow web surfing could be the result of bad or slow Internet connection instead of issue with Internet Explorer browser. Make sure you check your Internet Connection speed to isolate this cause for possible slow internet browsing.

By the way, you can learn to fix another common issue - Internet Explorer script error.

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