WannaCry: Everything You Need to Know

Part 1. Some notable cyber attacks in the recent past

The world seems greatly concerned about cyber attacks and cyber terrorism since it has been spreading like wildfire. The damages done by this kind of terrorism is no less than that caused by the actual one. Millions of records have been stolen while billions of dollars have been lost as a result of different kinds of cyber attacks. Some of the most prominent and notable attacks of the recent past are listed below in order to give you an idea about the severity of the condition.

Part 2: What is WannaCry

WannaCry may be referred to as a ransomware. It basically is a virus that is known to infect the computer of a victim and prevent them from getting access to their operating system or any other files. In other words, WannaCry encrypts all the data present on a computer. When everything on the computer gets fully encrypted, the hackers establish contact with the owner of the computer and ask them to pay a ransom to get access to their files again. The ransom in this regard is usually somewhere around the sum of $300. The hackers insist that the ransom should be paid in Bitcoins because it is a comparatively safer mode of transactions for malicious practice. WannaCry is known to have affected thousands of computer users spread all across the world, depriving them of their money as well as important data.

Part 3: Who created WannaCry?

The notorious ransomware called WannaCry emerged on to the face of the Earth in the past few months but it has managed to gain a lot of attention since it has affected a massive number of computer users all around the world. As far as the fact is concerned that who is the brains behind WannaCry, there is a good chance that it might be the handy work of North Korean hackers who have been in this business for a long time.

Several clues have come to light suggesting WannaCry to be a North Korean product. Neel Mehta, a security researcher at Google linked two different samples extracted from the malicious code to some other code which is confirmed to be written by North Korean hackers. To be more precise, the samples were linked to the code written by Lazarus Group that may be referred to as a group of cyber criminals that belong to North Korea.

Lazarus is especially known for the attack that they launched on the account of Bangladesh Central Bank present at New York’s Federal Reserve Bank from IP addresses that were located in North Korea. A total sum of almost $81 million was stolen as a result of this attempt. In addition to this, the same group is also alleged to be the brains behind the hacking of a polish bank as well as in the Sony pictures case.

Part 4: Why do hackers do this?

WannaCry is a developed and evolved form of ransomwares that have been out in the open for a lot of time. As far as the reason why hackers develop such kind of viruses is concerned, there can be multiple motives behind the development of different kinds of malicious software. They might be after money, fame, revenge or just craving for attention. Regardless of the reason behind such kind of hacks, the important thing is to lay up our defense against unwanted cyber attacks so that we might be able to secure and protect our computer, especially our important data.

Part 5: How does WannaCry spread?

WannaCry is basically a ransomware virus that gets into a PC when its user downloads the wrong file or clicks on the wrong item. As a result, the virus gets a hold of some important stuff in your computer and demands ransom in exchange of its decryption. The payment is asked for in Bitcoins. The Internet is the most common means of spreading the WannaCry ransomware.

Since there is usually no security check up on different kinds of websites present on the Internet, accessing unsecure websites can always be pretty dangerous. All it takes is a single wrong click and everything present on your computer might get under severe attack. The worst part about this kind of virus is the fact that even if you pay the ransom money, there is no guarantee that the hackers would give you your data back. So the best course of action in order to prevent such a scenario is to take the right kind of precautions while surfing the Internet.

Part 6: What versions of Windows got affected?

The WannaCry virus is known to affect computers that are running on Windows operating system. Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems are safe for the current time. As a matter of fact, windows XP is known to be the most vulnerable variant of Microsoft Windows as majority of the organizations that got attacked by WannaCry were still using this variant of Windows.

The virus makes use of exploits present in the Windows in order to get in. These are the same exploits that got stolen from the US govt.'s agency called NSA. All the current versions of Microsoft Windows got security patches for their security after the introduction of WannaCry but XP is still vulnerable to these attacks.

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