Trouble Shooting: Windows 10 Freezes

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Computer Systems with Genuine Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are updated free of cost to Windows 10. Majority of systems are not capable of handling Windows 10 as lack of modern and advanced hardware and processing power, and this gives birth to a major issue “Windows 10 freezes”. The condition gets worse after the release of Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) in April 2017. Unlike older versions of Microsoft, Windows 10 is such an Operating System that will receive ongoing "Features Updates".

Hence, the problem will increase unless people don’t update their systems. Windows 10 freezes and causes catastrophic damage sometimes, resulting in direct power off and rebooting. In several cases, it caused data loss.

Part 1: Factors Causing Windows 10 to Freeze

You can never be very certain about actual reason behind Windows 10 freezing but factors can be identified once you know about them and you start looking yourself.

Part 2: Solutions to Windows 10 Freezing Problems

There might not be just one solution to the Windows 10 freezing issue but the major and most efficient methods are stated here.

Solution 1: Command Prompt – Run Netsh winsock reset command

One of the major reasons behind the freezing of Windows 10 is its Internet Connection problems. There can be many issues so that Windows default settings might have been modified. Hence restore them by using the command prompt.

Step 1. Choose Command Prompt from the dialog box appeared after pressing Win key + X.

command prompt

Step 2. After the Command Prompt has been executed, type the code netsh winsock reset and pree Enter to run it.

command prompt netsh winsock reset

Step 3. Close Command Prompt and restart the computer.

Solution 2: Uninstall Problematic Software

It has been reported several times that software like Speccy, Acronis True Image, Private firewall, McAfee, and Office Hub App etc. are causing the windows 10 to freeze. Uninstalling such software will be a relief.

Step 1. Go to System on the Setting App.

setting app

Step 2. Delete or Remove these Problematic software as above mentioned.

Step 3. After you've finished this process, restart your computer

Solution 3: Upgrade the drivers (Network Drivers)

Updating the drivers, especially the network drivers can come in handy because a few outdated drivers tend to lag and result in freezing of Windows 10. Visit network adapter manufacturer’s website and update the latest drivers.

update network drives

Solution 4: Flash your SSD

In some systems there have been SSD installed like Detachable computers. They might experience random freezing on Windows 10 due to outdated firmware. Several precautionary measures are needed to be taken before flashing your firmware unless you desire to cause permanent damage to your SSD.

Solution 5: Turn off Link State Power Management

1. Press Win Key + S and type Power Options. Select it from the meun.

Power Options

2. And the Power Options window will open. Find the most compatible plan and click Change plan settings.

Change plan settings

3. Click on Change advanced power settings.

Change advanced power settings

4. To find the PCI section and expand it. Change the Setting to Off on the Link State Power Management option .

Link State Power Management

5. By ckicking OK to save changes.

Part 3: Major Problems Caused by Windows 10 Freezing

1. Data loss

Data loss is the most common effect of Windows 10 due to which users are losing hundreds of GBs of their priceless and very important data. If the hard drive crashes due to Windows failure or power off, it may lose all the data. Sometimes during restoring PCs, all of the data is wiped from the drive. Actually, all of above factors are very frustrating.

Recoverit can help you retrieve data from the formatted or crashed drive. It is the most powerful data recovery tool for Windows and also for MAC systems.

data recovery

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2. Driver corruption

Windows 10 freezing can cause damage to already installed drivers and software pushing them to behave abnormally. This can seriously affect the rest of the computer system.

Restoring the Windows may cause the settings to roll back. Otherwise, you need to reinstall all the corrupted drivers.

3. BIOS failure

The abrupt freezing of Windows 10 and then rebooting it constantly may cause the BIOS to corrupt or fail to load at booting or rebooting process.

Installation of BIOS by an IT expert and restoring the Windows.

Problems can be eliminated by restoring Windows 10 but there are some side effects too including data loss. A user can recover all data safely by using the most trusted software - Recoverit.

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