How to Create Bootable CD

To burn the Liveboot boot CD, you need to have a CD/DVD writer or burner. It is not recommend to use your own burning software, for most of them are designed for multi-tasks and are not so easy to operate. Please click "Burn CD Now" button on the LiveBoot Wizard interface to start the burning process. The entire process only takes 3 steps.

Note: Please DO NOT try to click/open/unzip/extract/install the ".ISO" file.

Simple Step to Create Bootable CD

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Step 1: Click to burn

create bootable cd step 1

Note: The burning software will locate the image file (ISO file) and check your CD/DVD-Writer automatically. If the burning software can't find the image file (ISO file) or the CD/DVD-Writer, please specify them manually.

Step 2: Click the "Write" button to start

create bootable cd

Then the burning process begins.

create bootable cd step 1

It will take a few minutes to burn/create bootable CD. When it finished, you will get the following information.

create bootable cd step 2

Step 3: Click "OK" to finish

Click "OK" to finish the burning. There are three folders named BOOT, EFI, SOURCES and one BOOTMGR file in the burnt CD.

create bootable cd step 3

Now your bootable LiveBoot CD is created, and you can use it to boot up your crashed computer.

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