How to Quickly Install Fonts on My Computer

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Fonts are the writing styles that are embedded in almost all the OS that are being used in the world. How to install fonts is a question that is easy to answer if this tutorial has been read. There are number of ways that can be used to install the fonts. The fonts play an important role as they convey the meaning in a different manner. The users can install the fonts that are available within the MS office as well as the others that are outside of it. The best thing is that the fonts are easily and quickly added to the windows as the process is too simple. On the other hand the user can create documents that stand out of the crowd. If the tutorial is read till the end then the user will be able to perform the font additions easily.  

install font on computer

Part 1: Overall advantages of using fonts

There are number of advantages that are associated with using of the fonts. It is however not possible to list all of them here in this small piece of writing. It is therefore advised to read through the points that are mentioned as follows. It will get a clear picture for the users so that the usage of the fonts is understood deeply and more easily:

install font on computer

install font on computer

Part 2: Installing fonts with ease

There are number of ways to install fonts over the OS. The easiest way is the one that will be described in this part of the tutorial. Again, the user needs to fulfill the requirements to get the work done. These requirements are just mentioned to ensure that the user gets a clear picture of the process that follows. Another reason is that the user can get an idea about the font installation beforehand.


Fonts pack


Internet connection

Office suite

The process

The steps that are to be followed are mentioned as under. The step by step guide below will get the use through the process.

1. The user needs to login the windows as admin. Normally the user with the admin power login as a simple user. It is for the same reason that the password might have forgotten. The user can apply the techniques that are present online to login as admin:

install font on computer

2. The user then needs to download the fonts from a website which he deems fit. The site is the one that is to be browsed to get the work done. It has tens of thousands of fonts as per the choice of the user. The downloaded file can then be saved to the desired location:

install font on computer

3. The folder that has been downloaded is then to be opened to proceed with the process:

install font on computer

4. Once the file has been extracted the user needs to hit the install button to proceed with the process. It also starts the installation:

install font on computer

5. The run button is then to be pressed. The OS might ask for the admin password that is to be given if prompted:

install font on computer

6. The user can now use the new fonts with ease. The path at which the installation has been done is Control panel > appearance and personalization. If the user wants he can use the same path to delete the old fonts if necessary:

install font on computer


This method is the one that can be used to install the fonts using the admin access. There is another method that can be used to install the fonts without the admin access. The method is easy and great for the school environments where the IT is not be bothered each time new font work is required. The users are advised to visit the URL to get the knowledge about the process and apply it if there is no admin access at all.

The user can install the fonts with the method that has been explained as above. The URL can also be used to get the other method if this one is found to be difficult. The tutorial is the best for those who want to install more fonts to the system but don’t have a method to get the work done. Applying this tutorial means that if there is a next time then the user can get the work done with ease and satisfaction.

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