How to Double Space or Change Line Spacing in Microsoft Word Effectively

MS Word has been one of the most used office item. It is also regarded as a vital component when it comes to the corporate use. The use of the Word has been integrated into the daily corporate usage. The users on the other hand get the advantages that are flawless. For most of the users it is a necessary component that is to be used for making presentations. This tutorial has been written to get the users aware of the fact that how some parts of the double space in Word can be used. The usage of the Word can be made too easy if the tutorial is read till the end. For more information it is advised to get the online help and search the forums that have all the necessary information in this regard. To get the best out of the double space idea it is recommended to apply the processes mentioned here practically. If you want to know how to double space on Microsoft Word, then this tutorial is for you for sure.

double space in microsoft word

Part 1 The idea of line spacing

The user of the idea of line spacing is of vital importance. It is due to the fact that the user makes presentations that look good. The line spacing as per the need of the presentation makes it look good. The line spacing also depends upon the type of presentation that is being made, for instance the academic presentations the line spacing is normally double. For normal writing the user needs to adjust the line spacing as per need and demand of the user.

double space in microsoft word

On the other hand there are several processes that are to be used to ensure that the user gets the work done. The overall advantages of the MS Word other than the line spacing will also be discussed in great detail. The line spacing idea is the one that is to be implemented in the manner as it has been defined in this tutorial. The user should also get the overall scenario that is to be determined while the line spacing for any MS Word document is being done. Last but not the least the user should always ensure that the work that is being done in MS Word is of high quality. In this regard the line spacing has an important role. It is now considered as a part of overall MS Word document presentation.

dchange line spacing in microsoft word

Part 2 The advantages of MS Word

There are many advantages of the MS Word and in this section all these will be documented completely. The user needs to ensure that the advantages that are explained as under are applied next time the Word document is being developed i.e. a presentation. Following are some of the points that are to be considered in this regard:

1. The Word and the modern versions i.e. 2007 and 2010 are the ones that have the smart art embedded in it. The user needs not to confuse the word art with the smart art. In word art the text is displayed in different forms and it makes up the overall document. On the other hand the Smart Art is a comprehensive business modeling tool which allows the business to represent financial projections.

how to change line spacing in microsoft word

2. The charts that are used in the Word are the one which ensure that the data is changed into charts. The excel integration and the data that has been embedded within the Word is the one which makes the presentations too easy to follow.

3. The tools that are embedded within the Word make the analysis easy to understand and implement. It is also one of the most used programs that gets the work done without any delay and issue ensuring maximum result.

4. The mail merge is a technique that allows the users to send out bulk emails. The version of the information that is found in each and every document is the same. There is no extra effort required and thus it is one of the soundest reasons to use Word file for the professional purposes.

5. The interactive headers and footers are the reasons that can be used to create an awesome Word document. These headers and footers are the ones that can be used to get the result which is in line with the user’s demands. The company image or the logo can also be inserted to get the most out of the Word document with ease and satisfaction.

change line spacing in word

6. The search and replace option is also another interactive reason to use Word document. It means that the user can just find a particular Word and replace it with others. It means that the user can get the best out of the Word document in just few clicks which make this choice absolutely stunning.

Part 3 The process of line spacing and how to change it

The steps that the users need to follow are as below. It also ensures that if there is a next time then the user can get the work done without any issue and trouble:

1. The line spacing option in the main ribbon is to be searched for as seen in the picture below:

how to double space in microsoft word

2. The user then needs to click the option so that the menu appears:

choose line spacing option

3. The line spacing option is then to be clicked to proceed with the process:

indents and spacing

4. In the next dialogue box the user needs to change the line spacing under the “Indents and Spacing” options:

double space in microsoft word

5. The user then needs to ensure that the OK button is pressed to save the changes and this completes the process in full:

save line spacing change in microsoft word

The user can change the line spacing using the other methods as well. It means that the user can search for the online forums to get the results. The other paths that can be used are mentioned on the official website of the Microsoft. The URL that is to be used is which has all the methods of the subjected change. It also ensures that the user gets the overall satisfaction level which is matchless. The line spacing is a very important idea and the implementation of it in good manner gets the results that are awesome. The user should therefore apply it to make the document interactive.

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