Methods to Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

How to Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

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Have you come across a situation when you lost all your data present on your laptop or desktop? It is a situation that can put anyone into a panic. But there is a foolproof solution to overcome such situations. You can create a recovery drive to save your data and troubleshoot your computer even in the conditions when it is unable to start. Such a relief! Isn't it? To create a recovery drive, you just need one USB drive. The USB drive used for the recovery drive cannot be used for any other purpose. To create a basic recovery drive, you will need a space of 1 GB in your USB drive, but if you plan to add the system files too, then you need a 16 GB USB drive.

A recovery drive helps you to boot or troubleshoot your computer when your computer Windows crashes down. If you are unable to restore your computer, a recovery drive lets you reinstall your Windows 10. You need to remember that a Windows 10 recovery drive created in a 64-bit version can't be used to fix up the problems of a 32- bit version of Windows 10 and vice versa. There are certain steps that you need to follow to create a Windows 10 recovery file.

How to Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Step 1: Look for the option "Create a recovery drive" from the taskbar. Select it. You will be asked to give in the admin password, or you will be asked to confirm the choice you have made.

create a recovery drive

Step 2: A window will pop up. You have to select the option referring "Back up system files to the recovery drive". Choose it and move to the next step by pressing "Next".

recovery drive

Step 3: Now, connect your USB drive to your computer and select it. Select the "Next" option and move to "Create". A lot of files will start transferring from your computer to your USB drive. Make sure, you don't have any important data stored on that USB drive as it all will get deleted in this process.

select a usb flash drive

Step 4: After the successful transferring of the files from your computer to your USB drive, you can choose the option of "Delete the recovery partition from your PC". Select the "Delete" option if you want to clean up you're the drive space on your computer or else shift to "Finish".

recovery drive is ready

After completing the whole process of creating the Windows 10 recovery file, you are all set to fix up the problems of your computer. You can easily boot or reinstall your Windows 10 whenever it stops responding. Just connect it to your recovery drive to your computer and boot it. An optical CD could also be used as an alternative method to retrieve the files from your computer. But the process to use it is entirely different.

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