How to Erase Your Sensitive Folder Permanently with Folder Shredder

When you need to protect the folder that contains your sensitive data or personal privacy against from unauthorized access, the first thing you want to do is hitting 'Delete' button or pressing 'Shift+Delete' to delete the folder. But have you known that there are various recovery software can recover it? Therefore, if you are still worry about the folder can be viewed by others after deleting, what you should do is to shred folder permanently.

How to shred folder permanently?

Since simply pressing 'Delete' or 'Shift+Del‘ cannot erase folder for you, you need to shred folder. You can turn to professional and trusted folder eraser or software to shred your sensitive folder. The file shredder in Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a reliable folder shredder to delete your sensitive folder safely beyond any recovery with recovery software or recovery skill.

Steps to shred folder with Privacy Kit

Launch the fast folder shredder by clicking "Privacy & Security" on the main interface of WinSuite 2012, and choose the "File Shredder".

Fodler Shredder

Step 1: Add unwanted folders

Click 'Add Folder', and there will popup the open file dialogue box. Select the folders that you want to shred, click 'OK', then the file information will be added to software windows list box.

Erase Folder

Step 2: Shred folder

Once you make sure that you want to erase the folder, click "Shred" to shred folders in the list.

Folder Shredder

1. The shredded folders can't be recovered by any recover tool, so please confirm the list before the operation, and then click 'Yes' to continue shredding.
2. Remove Folders
If you select the wrong folder which means that you do not want to permanently delete the folder from your computer, you can remove the folder from the list by clicking 'Remove From List'.

fast folder shredder

Erase Your Sensitive Folder Permanently with Folder Shredder.

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