How to Reset MSN Passwords?

How to Change MSN Passwords?

This article has made changing MSN passwords so easy. Dive in and learn how you can reset your MSN passwords.

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Do you no longer feel that your email account is safe? Has your privacy been invaded or your account information tampered with? You may just feel like your password has become old and redundant. This article will show you how to change your MSN password to secure all your Hotmail, Outlook, as well as other Microsoft accounts. If you do not know what MSN is all about, you will also learn it here.

What is MSN?

MSN is an acronym that stands for Microsoft Network. MSN is a combination of web-based services and programs, which are provided by Microsoft Corporation. These services include search engines, email, news, instant messaging, user-driven forums, as well as internet connection service. Through MSN, MS Windows users can create a sync between their computer system and other online services. In this way, tasks can be managed and centrally organized by the user.

what is msn

Now you have to know the basic idea and function of Microsoft MSN, have you ever think of how to reset the password so that you can protect your services and programs.

How to Reset or Change MSN Password?

It is important to learn how to reset the password and get a new one and this section aims to do just that. The steps below will guide you in resetting or changing your MSN password:

Step 1 Visit and sign in to your MSN account page.

Step 2 Next, choose the account setting option of MSN. Click on the option "I forgot my password"

msn forget my password

Step 3 Your MS-Windows should have a Live ID attached to your account. It is this Windows Live ID you need to input next

Step 4 A set of characters will appear; type them in and click "Next"

msn recover account

A list of reset options will be presented to you:

msn verify indentity

input msn security code

Step 5 Next, click "Reset your password"

Step 6 You can now create your new password and type again to confirm

reset or change msn paaword

However, if you can't find back the password anyway, have a try to Crack/Hack MSN Password.

Bonus Tips on MSN Account

1. After I change my MSN password, will it immediately take effect?

The simple answer to this question is yes. As soon as you can reset your MSN password and have a new one, you begin to use it immediately.

2. If I can't get into my email even after I changed the password, what do I do?

Contact MSN tech support to have them check on the issue. Also, inform your friends and associates so they won't click to open any links coming from you. This is because the most likely scenario here is that your account may have been hacked.

3. What to do when my MSN account was blocked?

Your MSN account may get blocked because someone used the account to send many junk messages. To get your account unblocked, MSN technical support will guide you through answering some questions for verification that it is truly you that owns the account. You can now change your password to make it inaccessible to others.

Final Words

Changing or resetting MSN passwords is not a difficult thing if you have a valid alternative email address or know the answer to your security question. What if you don't have an alternative email address and forget the right answer to the security question? Is there any way that you can reset your MSN password? If you're used to logging in your MSN automatically, in other words, you've checked "Remember my password" when logging in. There's a good chance that you can reset your MSN password with an MSN password resetter.

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