6 Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC67

6 Methods to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC67

While using Outlook, you may often come across the error-0x800ccc67 outlook. This article covers how to solve this issue and not lose your messages while sending out important emails.

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Error 0x800CCC67 is typically caused due to the SMTP, which is a kind of protocol. It is present usually in Windows Live Mail and even occurs in Outlook. It means that a mail or message that you wanted to send or were attempting to send could not be processed. You will come across the following message- "An unknown error has occurred". This message pops up. This typically happens if your email provider ends up changing port or SSL settings. It may also occur if your Antivirus or Firewall ends up denying access to the SMTP. In the following article, we would be addressing this issue and finding ways to solve it:

Part 1: Factors That Cause Outlook 0x800ccc67 Error

While no fixed reasons can be attributed as such for Outlook 0x800CCC67 error, there are specific probable reasons why it can occur:

Part 2: Methods to Fix Outlook 0x800CCC67 Error

The following methods can be used to fix error 0x800CCC67:

Method 1: Disable your antivirus/firewall temporarily

To fix error 0x800ccc67, you would need to turn off the antivirus software. Since there is plenty of anti-virus software, it depends on whichever you are using to disable it. You would need to use the right option to turn it off. This is an example of how you can disable the popular antivirus software- AVG.

disable antivirus

Method 2: Alter the SMTP Port

The second method entails checking if the port you are using is right or not. You would need to check the email settings and feed in your email address. Then, check for the port mentioned under the outgoing mail server.

After the port gets changed, press F9 and then send the mail again. In case, the email still gets stuck then turn the router off for an entire minute and then turn the power on again to test it.

Method 3: Repair & Create New Profile

    1. Go to the control panel. Choose the option called Mail(32) bit. In case, you do not see this option, then type out mail in the search bar.

repair create profile 1

    1. Open the Mail pane and then choose the "Show profiles"

repair create profile 2

  1. After this add a new name and then always choose the option of using this particular profile to solve your error 0x800ccc67.

Method 4: Perform A System Restore

The steps for a system restore are quite easy.

    1. First things first, go to the start menu.
    2. Simply write "System restore" in the search space and then press enter.
    3. After this, you will see a window option wherein you would be able to click on the option for "System Restore".

system restore

  1. In some cases, you would simply need to enter the administrator password.
  2. Follow the commands and then your system would be restored.

Method 5: Reinstall MS Outlook on your System

One other method that you can use to fix error 0x800ccc67 is by reinstalling MS outlook in your system. Irrespective of you using Outlook 2009 or 2016, the installation process depends on which OS you are using. However, we will give you an insight into how to reinstall the Outlook app in Windows 10 OS.

Then, just follow the simple outlook procedure.

Method 6: Use a professional PST Repair tool

One of the best tools we recommend for fixing error 0x800ccc67 is using a PST Repair Tool. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Add PST File

First, you would need to launch this software. It is known as "Stellar Toolkit for Outlook". This is the interface it displays:

stellar 1

Then, you would need to click on an option that is labeled as 'Repair Mailbox'. So, go on to repair the PST file which is damaged.

stellar 2

The option- "select PST file available for repair" dialog box also allows you to find or add the required outlook file. You can then browse or know the location which helps you click on the "Find" button.

Step 2: Repair PST File

Once this option is selected, simply click on the "Repair" button and start repairing the concerned corrupt file. This software would display an interface that shows the progress of the scanning progress in general.

stellar 3

You also have the option of scanning by clicking the stop button on the available interface. Once the scan is done, the software then displays all the mail folders which you can find on the left interface. Select any folder to view the content in the center pane. Then, all you need to do is select the mail item to preview it in the right pane.

Step 3: Preview and Save File

For people who want to save the recovered files, simply click on the option which says "Save Repaired File". The following interface will appear.

stellar 4

Save your repaired file in the PST format and choose the desired location to simply save the recovered files. Click on the 'Browse' button to look for it later.

The Bottom Line

Since error 0x800ccc67 is quite a common problem that people face, we highly recommend using the Stellar Outlook Repair tool which is one of the safest ways to keep your work going. There is a dearth of available options for PST fix tools. Hence, this one is the best to use. Now, it is even more troublesome for people who are often interacting with their clients through emails. Hence, we recommend that you don't worry and try all the aforementioned measures to ensure that your live messages do not get blocked while using outlook.

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