How to Erase PC Hard Drive

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When it comes to erasing the hard drive of a PC or a laptop, there might be several reasons behind this action. Since computing technology evolves at a very rapid pace, something that is being considered cutting edge today might become obsolete within a few months. Similar is the case with our PCs which suggests the fact that we have to keep updating them on a regular basis. You would need to erase data from PC hard drive regularly.

How to Erase PC Hard Drive with Eraser Tool

When you erase the data from hard drive of your PC or laptop, you need to get a good utility tool that offers such sort of functionalities. There are numerous software applications available in the market. They offer different features and you might find them very helpful. But if you do not want to rely upon anything but the best, it is strongly advisable to get the Stellar BitRaser for file software as it is the most effective choice when it comes to erasing the data on your PC’s hard drive completely.

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A step by step guide discussing how you might be able to get rid of all of your computer data for good is given below.

  1. Free download Stellar BitRaser for file on you Windows computer and launch it.
  2. Click the section "Erase Now" and select the drive you want to erase. If it's an external hard drive, you should connect to your PC.
  3. erase pc hard drive

  4. Click "Erase Now" button to process, it will take for a while.
  5. After completing the erasure, you can reboot your system.

If you believe you have some really sensitive information present on your computer and you want to completely erase, it is strongly recommended to carry out multiple removal attempts on your hard drive. This would make sure that all of your data is gone for sure. Stellar BitRaser for file supported the above mentioned steps all over again for two to three times. This would do the job and no one would be able to recover any of your data ever.

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