Methods to Erase Photos from Digital Camera

How to Erase Photos from Digital Camera

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Digital cameras are used for the purpose of preserving memories by taking photos and videos. If you want to erase photos and videos permanently from your digital camera, then simply using the delete button won’t be enough. Traces of the photo and video data will remain on the digital camera even after deletion. This is why you need to remove all traces of the photos from the digital camera to erase them completely.

In order to do this, you need a data erasure tool. However, do keep in mind that the data erasing tool has to be powerful enough to erase the photos completely. Moreover, it should also ensure that erased photos become irrecoverable. Stellar BitRaser for File is the only software that is capable of safely removing the photos from the digital camera and its memory card without damaging it.

Part 1: How to Permanently Erase Photos from Digital Camera

Stellar BitRaser for File has many features that make it the best data erasure software which can permanently erase photos from a digital camera.

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1. Free download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer, and connect your digital camera memory card to your PC.

2. Go to the "Erase Now" section and select your digital camera memory card.

erase photos from digital camera memory card

3. After selecting your memory card, click the "Erase Now" button to process.

4. It will take a while to completely erase photos from a digital camera memory card.

While a single pass is usually enough for Stellar BitRaser for File to erase photos from a digital camera, you can take up to three passes to ensure that the photos are erased permanently. Taking these extra passes will also ensure that the photos erased from the digital camera can’t be recovered using any data recovery software.

Part 2: How to Format and Erase Digital Memory Cards in Camera

If you don’t want to attach the digital camera to the PC for erasing the contents of the memory card, then you can erase them in-camera too. You can do this by selecting all the photos stored on the memory card and then using the Erase All option. This Erase All option is available in different modes in different digital camera brands. If you want to format the memory card, it only requires you to navigate to the Format menu of your digital camera and then use the format option. The location of this format menu varies with the brand of the digital camera you are using.

Part 3: Why You Need to Erase Photos from Digital Camera

The memory cards of digital cameras can hold a lot of photos and videos. However, sometimes you have to erase photos from a digital camera.

While memory cards and digital cameras are great for storing photos and videos, you have to sometimes erase photos from digital cameras to make space for new media. Moreover, erasing photos also becomes necessary when you are selling a memory card or digital camera or have some private photos in there which are very personal to you. You can delete photos from the digital camera using the delete button but it won’t erase the photos permanently. Only by using a reliable and potent data erasure tool like Stellar BitRaser for File can you ensure that the photos have been permanently erased from the digital camera.

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