How to Erase a USB Drive on Windows

With the advancement in technology, the way we carry our data and important files has also been changed drastically. Most of us store our content in USB drivers as they are easy to carry and can be accessed without much trouble. Though, getting rid of this data is not as easy as you might think. If you wish to permanently erase USB drive, then you need to take the assistance of an effective third-party tool. Since if the data is deleted the usual way, then it can easily be recovered afterward. Therefore, we will teach you how to erase USB Drive permanently with no recovery scope in this tutorial.

Part 1: How to Erase USB Drive with Stellar BitRaser for File

If you want to get rid of every kind of data from your USB drive, then simply take the assistance of Stellar BitRaser for File. It is a highly effective and secure tool that can be used to wipe your system’s hard drive, external hard disk, or a USB drive within seconds. It will remove every kind of data from your USB drive with no scope to recover it afterward. All you got to do is use its interactive interface and erase your content permanently.

Now when you know all the benefits of Stellar BitRaser, let’s proceed and learn how to use this remarkable tool to erase USB drive permanently. You can do it by following these simple instructions:

Step 1: Donwload Stellar BitRaser for file on your PC computer and launch it.

Step 2: Connect your USB drive and wait for it to detect it automatically. You can launch Windows Explorer and open the USB drive as well.

erase a usb drive

Step 3: If you wish to selectively delete content from the USB drive, then simply browse to the location and select the files you wish to delete. Right-click and choose to erase with BitRaser. This will permanently remove the selected files from your USB drive.

erase files from usb drive

Step 4: If you want to reset your USB drive entirely, then launch the BitRaser desktop application. As you can see, you can access various tools (like file eraser, internet activity eraser, system traces eraser, and more) from the left panel.

erase files from raid drive

Step 5: Select your USB drive and click on the "Erase Now" button.

There are times when users are extremely cautious as they have sensitive data on their USB drives. Even though your USB drive would be wiped entirely after following the above-mentioned steps, you can also perform multiple passes. You can simply erase your USB drive a few times (two or three) to make sure that its data is deleted permanently without any scope of recovery.

Part 2: How to Format a USB Drive in Windows

Windows native interface also provides a fast and trouble-free way to format a USB drive. Even though it is quite easy, it has a major drawback. Even after formatting a USB drive, you can access the deleted data after performing a recovery operation. There are plenty of recovery tools out there (like Wondershare Data Recovery) that can easily retrieve your deleted files in seconds. Though, you can follow these steps to format a USB drive in Windows.

Step 1. To format a USB drive, simply connect it to your system and wait for it to detect the USB drive.

Step 2. Now, launch Windows Explorer (My Computer) and select your USB drive.

Step 3. Right-click the drive to get various options. Just select “Format” to continue.

Step 4. You will get a pop-up window from where you can make your selections (about the type of formatting).

Step 5. To save your time, you can also check the "Quick format" option as well.

Step 6. Click on the “Start” button and wait for a while as Windows will format your USB drive.

format a usb drive

Even though Windows provide a free solution to erase USB drive, it doesn’t yield the desired results. Since the data is not permanently deleted even after formatting a USB drive, your sensitive information can be accessed after performing a recovery operation. As stated earlier, a recovery tool like Wondershare Data Recovery can easily retrieve your deleted files (after formatting the USB drive).

Therefore, you can simply take the assistance of Stellar BitRaser to erase USB drive permanently. After performing a complete deletion with BitRaser, no one would be able to recover your data. This will help you protect your private or sensitive information without any worry. Go ahead and use Stellar BitRaser and wipe your USB drives, external hard disks, system hard drives, and more.

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