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In order to make use of a hard drive and store data on it, you need to divide its space into partitions. These partitions don’t need to be of a similar size and there is no restriction applied on the number of partitions as well. Any hard drive space that hasn’t been partitioned is labeled as unallocated and can be used for creating a partition whenever you want. Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to use this unallocated space for data storage. You can create and delete partition Windows 10 with consummate ease. There is a disk management feature available in Windows 10 which can helps you in performing both these tasks.

Why you want delete partition in Windows 10

There are a number of reasons why you would want to delete partition in Windows 10. For instance, if you plan on resizing a partition then you need to first erase one and then create a partition of the size of your choice using the unallocated space. Moreover, if you have some sensitive data stored on a partition of your hard drive and you want to delete it permanently then erasing the partition is one of the options. It would ensure that no trace of the data is left behind on the partition and it is erased beyond the scope of recovery.

Aside from these reasons, another instance where deleting a partition becomes inevitable is that your hard drive is being attacked by a virus. In such cases, you can limit the spread of the virus by deleting the partition of the hard drive in which it is present. In addition to this, you might want to delete partition in Windows 10 if you find bad sectors on it and don’t want any of your files getting corrupted because of them. Partition deletion will ensure that the bad sectors don’t affect the hard drive that much and none of your files run the risk of corruption.

How to Remove Partition in Windows 10 with Disk Management

Way 1: The power user menu is the first way through which you can access Disk Management in Windows 10. You can open this menu by clicking Win and X keys together on the keyboard or right-clicking on the Start Menu button. Open Disk Management by clicking on the option.

remove partition in windows 10

Way 2: You can use Cortana for the purpose of launching Disk Management as well. Type disk management in the search box and then choose the Create and format hard disk partitions option.

remove partition in windows with disk manaement

Way 3: Control Panel is the third method through which you can access Disk Management in Windows 10. In the Control Panel menu, navigate to System and Security. Click the link labeled Create and format hard disk partitions in the section labeled Administrative Tools.

remove partition in windows 10

No matter which method you use for accessing Disk Management, you will end up seeing the following window.

remove partition in Windows 10

How to Securely Delete Partition Windows 10 with Eraser Tool

Disk management feature of Windows 10 is quite reliable and can be trusted for deleting partitions. However, it does not guarantee that the data on the deleted partition can’t be recovered. If you want to ensure that the data on the deleted volume of hard drive isn’t recoverable by any means then it would be best for you to use an eraser tool. There are many data erasure tools available on the Internet which can delete partition in Windows 10 but the only one which can do it safely is Stellar BitRaser for File.

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Stellar BitRaser for File is a powerful data eraser tool. Here are some of its features which are the reason for its effectiveness in erasing data.

Permanently Erases Data Stellar BitRaser for File is capable of erasing data permanently. Data that has been erased using this software can’t be recovered irrespective of the data recovery tool being used.

Removes Browser History This data erasure tool allows for removal of browser history as well. You can erase the history maintained by a number of browsers using Stellar BitRaser for File.

Erases Chat History Skype and Yahoo are among the most widely used chat messengers in the world. You can erase the chat history that these messengers maintain and thus preserve your privacy.

Generation of Erasure Certificate Stellar BitRaser for File generates an erasure certificate after erasing the content of a file permanently. This certificate confirms that the data erased is unrecoverable.

Compatibility with Windows This data erasure tool is compatible with multiple versions of Windows. The Windows versions which are supported include Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

  1. Free download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer.
  2. If you remove the partion from an external hard drive, you should connect it to your PC computer.
  3. Select your Hard drive and click "Erase Now" butoon to start remove partition.
  4. remove partion windows 10

  5. When it complete the erasure, you can reboot your system.

People who don’t think that one pass of Stellar BitRaser for File is enough for erasing the partition data completely have the option of taking up to three passes of the software. This is simply to quell any doubts that the users might have in their minds regarding the recovery of the data that was stored on the deleted partition.

If you want to delete partition in Windows 10, then you can use either disk management or a third party erasure tool. You need to make sure that the erasing tool you are using is powerful enough and can perform the partition deletion in a safe manner. Stellar BitRaser for File is the most powerful data erase tool available and can help you in deleting partitions both safely and effectively.

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