Solutions to Wipe Hard Drive and Erase All Data

How to Wipe Hard Drive and Erase All Data

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There are situations that you need to wipe out the data from your hard drive. Well, there could be those factors that can let the information get corrupted. The number one reason of all is that the viruses invade the hard drive.

These viruses might hide the files in the hard drive. Also, if not deleted, these could have the dysfunction of the information. Some of them could be in the form of a shortcut file that could not be opened. Thus, the users are forced to have these data deleted.

A hard drive wipe can be done to let all those hiding viruses get wiped out. If users wipe hard drive out the entire problem causing viruses, there could be a possibility of having all the information get used rightly. Well, if one ignored the viruses, the other files are going to go to be infected. Some of them might not work well as they could already be cut or corrupted.

Another reason why you should wipe hard drive and have to wipe out the memory of the hard drive is to protect it from the others that can also form viruses. When you delete files in the hard drive, it does not mean that you are completely getting rid of them. They were just overwritten so you could not notice them. Formatting is a method that will have the information be deleted forever and completely wipe hard drive.

Part 1. How to Wipe Hard Data under Windows

There is a proper way of getting rid of the data in the hard drive. One can wipe hard drive manually or with the use of a tool to do everything faster. Everything would be controlled if the processes are followed rightly. A free hard drive wipe might be taken into the mind by users to let them get to enjoy everything they have in the device.

Hard drive wipe software could be used to do the wiping out of the hard drive. Here are some of those that are effectively used by users:


Eraser is one tool that will help one get all the information to be forgotten and wipe hard drive. With this, all you have to do is to go to the Erase Schedule option that will have your commands on how you would like to have the information erased. Click NEXT and you will be directed away to the page where you can choose some more options to work on. Click NEW TASK. This is going to have a pop-up for more options for time schedules. Click ADD DATA to add those that you want to be wiped.

wipe hard drive: ERASER


This could have an easier way of wiping out the memory of the hard drive. It also works well with USB since information could already be stored in a more convenient form of storing device. All you have to do is to download and run the tool and use it to wipe hard drive. With this, you can also select those types of data you want to erase completely. Most of the time, this is used to choose those that are junk in the system. You also have to ensure that the system is going to run smoothly by running BIOS settings and make sure the system runs on IDE mode.

wipe hard drive: ROADKIL'S DISK WIPE


DBAN or Darik's Boot and Nuke is a self-contained boot image used to wipe data in hard disks.

To use this, you have to download the DBAN tool first. Then, you have to burn the .iso in a disc to be inserted into the desktop. This will carry the commands to erase the memory of the hard drive. This runs with the blue and white interface in which you will choose the methods that you will use in wiping out the data files you want to be deleted.

Once the tool is running, you can have some special shortcut commands to use the tool. Press M to select a method for erasing files. M stands for Method. You can also just press on F10 on the keyboard to erase everything inside the hard drive.

wipe hard drive: DBAN

Part 2. How to Erase Hard Drive on Mac

For people who are using Mac, there might be a slight difference in how to erase hard drive data in a storage device. It is because of the different types of interface they might be using as the manufacturer designed Mac for unique functionality.

Here are some easy steps in getting rid of the files by wiping out the drive with Mac:

    1. Back up the system. Having the entire hard drive backed up is really important as there might be some problems encountered, which could lead to the loss of information. Without the backup, it would be quite hard to retrieve the information again. First, select START and then click on Backup and Restore. This is to make sure you have all the information you needed in the future.

Erase Hard Drive on Mac step 1

    1. Use DBAN. Darik's Boot and Nuke is really effective on Mac. This will not only have the wiping function but also for the protection of the data files. You can have all the data be secured well from being stolen, which would also take your identity if they fall into the wrong hands. Your confidentiality with regards to keeping the information would be worked by this tool.

Erase Hard Drive on Mac step 2

    1. Boot from a CD. Getting a boot from the CD will always help in having the Mac get a high-security wipe. Wiping information could also be easier by just typing on codes to let all things get done with the proper running of the system. All you have to do is to type "DoD Short". This is going to have you the command in wiping the hard drive. With that, the information will be erased in a spontaneous process, plus protection against viruses or other factors that will have the virus to invade or form.

Erase Hard Drive on Mac step 3

If you are done inputting methods, the system will eventually start the wiping out of information. This is going to do the commands you might have chosen on the program.

Erase Hard Drive on Mac step 4

Part 3. The Best Hard Drive Data Recovery

After wiping hard drives, you just realize that some important data on your hard drive did not do a backup. When this occurs, you will need a hard drive data recovery tool to help you retrieve your lost data back.

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Video Tutorial on How to Format an External Hard Drive

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