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Review of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

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Jun 29, 2023 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Do you have many corrupted jpeg/jpg images on your laptop or desktop? Are those moments the most memorable ones? Are you facing difficulties when you try to recover it? Then you must be feeling hopeless that you will not be able to retrieve the images hereafter, right? Well, with Stellar Phoenix Photo Repair, your image repairing will be an effortless process.

So, what is this Stellar Phoenix and how can it help you? Read this review of Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair and you will know the answers to the questions above and also how it repairs your jpeg/jpg images at ease.

Part 1: What's Stellar Phoenix Photo Repair

In recent days, there are many possibilities for our important files and images to get corrupted by a virus and sometimes it becomes a challenging task to recover them. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is recognized as top DIY software for JPEG photo repair. With its trust-worthy performance and features, it has attracted over 500 companies and reached 5 million downloads per year.

Stellar phoenix jpeg repair proves to be the best photo recovery software for both consumers and business people. We all have digital camera feature in our mobile devices that helps to capture pictures and attractive shots. To clear the memory and free the space, we make use of storage devices like flash memory cards, SD cards and so the most commonly used format to store the image is jpeg/jpg format but it just takes seconds to get corrupted. When it comes to CD, if a small scratch occurs in it, the image may be split into chunks, incorrectness in color display and the missing of the image may occur. At this point, the importance of Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair occurs.

corrupted jpeg images

One of the interesting facts about Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair is the photo recovery feature wherein if you have accidentally deleted an image file from the device, Stellar Phoenix will find it for you. It was proved in a test that Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair can rescue 100% of deleted jpeg images.

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Part 2. Features of Stellar Photo Repair

Stellar phoenix jpeg repair is a high-quality recovery tool but what are the special features that make it stand beyond the present repair tools? To answer this question, read the features mentioned below:

  • Stellar phoenix jpeg repair extracts and repairs the thumbnail image from the devices.
  • If the MBT and MBR have gone corrupt, they can be corrected and repaired with the help of Stellar.
  • Stellar phoenix jpeg repair consumes less data that is a 3.84 MB download and it is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.
  • The scanning engine that is designed and implemented in Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair is developed with the help of efficient algorithms that scans for every jpeg/jpg image in the nook and corner of the storage device.
  • It can perform efficiently even on system configuration.
  • Batch operation over multiple corrupted image files is possible.
  • It is safe and secure along with customer support over 24*5.

Part 3: Pros & Cons of the Repair Software

Stellar phoenix jpeg repair is not only the best software with numerous features but it is also an unbeatable repair application with countless advantages. We have listed some of them for you:


  • It can scan all sorts of media and storage devices and is capable of finding the corrupted and images with jpeg and jpg extensions.
  • To verify and check whether the repaired image is clear or not, a preview option is also available.
  • Even though the header or image is corrupted or affected by viruses, Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair resolves it for you in an easier manner.
  • Only the error in an image is repaired and hence your original image format remains the same.
  • You can download the demo version that performs the repairing process for unlimited files.


    • Stellar phoenix jpeg Repair works only on jpeg and jpg image extensions.
If you need to repair other formats of images, check out the page to learn how to repair image files there.
  • The pricing is a little higher and hence speed needs to be increased to compete with competitors in the market.
  • When repairing images with the demo version, it will have a watermark and to eliminate it, you should download the registered version.
  • Vector images failed to be recovered during the test.

Every application and development of technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite many pros, Stellar Phoenix has some Cons that are questioned by its users like:

Part 4: How to use Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair?

Aren't the features of Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair mind-blowing? Now, let's see the steps on how to recover the corrupted jpeg with the help of this software.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch

To start the repair process, download and install the application. Launch the application. Unlock the Mac password to unlock the application and proceed further.

Step 2: Add Files

You will be directed to the welcome window that can be seen below. To add the image corrupted files, click on the "Add file" option.

add file for jpeg photo repair

Step 3: File Selection

Once you are done with the selection, you can remove files within selection if it is selected wrongly with the help of "Remove file". Click on the "Repair" button if the files to be recovered are finalized.

repair damaged jpeg file

Step 4: The Repairing Process

The repairing process will now start and you will be notified with a "Completed" status once the recovering process is complete. On the right side, you can see a preview of the image file if it is recovered. So, if you are OK with the corrected file, the next step is to save it.

repairing the corrupted jpeg files

Step 5: Save File

You can now save the repaired file on the desired location in your device. Click on "OK" and visit the folder containing the saved files.

save the repaired files

Part 5: Other Aspects About Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

1. Interface

The user-friendly GUI interface of Stellar Repair Software is outstanding. The success rate is higher and the steps are simple and hence it is easy for even a newbie to understand the operation and implement it at the first go.

2. Speed

The speed to recover the corrupted images seemingly depends on the number of image files and at the same time on the amount of damage the image file has incurred too. It hardly takes 2 minutes at the max to repair a file if the damage level is comparatively higher. The speed is better and is faster than the other software in the market.

3. Performance of Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair

When a test was performed with Stellar Phoenix software to repair 21 corrupted files, it repaired 20 files. Well, that was a great job and was considered impossible at the start. If you have lost your hope that a corrupted image cannot be recovered at any cause, Stellar Phoenix will do it for you with high accuracy and clear presentation.


So, download Stellar Phoenix jpeg repair today and start recovering your corrupted files. Let your sweet memories be restored along with those precious photos. Hope you would have found this review a useful one. Stay tuned for many more such interesting reviews!

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