Free Download the BKF File Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted Files

Free Download BKF File Recovery Tool

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BKF file is the name given to a backup file and is created and utilized by the Windows Backup Utility Tool. It has the file extension .bkf and it contains information and data that has been backed up by the user. All types of data can be stored on a BKF file ranging from simple data, folders, files, and even media. The BKF file is native to the Windows XP and is supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system alone. The BKF file is also sometimes referred to as NTBackup File. The primary function of a BKF file is to restore data if your computer loses it because of corruption or any other hardware or software issue.

If for some reason your computer encounters an issue and loses its partition data then using the Hetman Partition Recovery can help in restoring it as well. The Hetman Partition Recovery is a software tool that has been specially developed to retrieve lost data from the partitions of the hard drives. It is an expensive software tool, however, and does not work unless you buy and register it from the official website of its developer, Hetman Software.

BKF File Recovery Troubles

BKF files are extremely important as they contain backup data. If these files become corrupted then you will not be able to restore any of your data that may be lost in the event of file corruption. Moreover, loss of data caused due to a software or hardware failure would also become an issue for you if your BKF files become deleted due to the accidental or improper formatting of your storage media drive. Therefore, you must have a BKF file recovery tool on hand to recover the BKF files.

The Hetman Partition Recovery is a good BKF file recovery tool. It can recover deleted .bkf files with consummate ease. However, there is a major flaw in this tool. It is not available for free. You will have to buy and register it first which is not feasible for everyone. Most people make use of unregistered versions of Hetman Partition Recovery to recover deleted .bkf files that never work and instead install viruses and adware on their systems, doing more damage to their computers.

So, you see. This is why you need to download a free BKF file recovery tool that is capable of recovering lost .bkf files securely.

Part 1: Free and Safe BKF file Recovery Tool

There can be several reasons that can lead to the deletion of your bkf files. Restoration of these files is necessary since they are required for restoring the data that has been backed up in them. Recoverit Free is a free BKF file recovery tool that can be used for recovering deleted .bkf files with consummate ease. It can be downloaded from the internet for free and can be used for retrieving BKF files that have become corrupted or deleted safely within a short period.

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Part 2: Solution to Recover Deleted .bkf Files

Step 1 Launch this free BKF file recovery tool, to recover deleted .bkf files, you can select "Deleted Files Recovery" mode.

recover deleted bkf files

Step 2 Select a hard disk drive where your BKF files lost, then click "Start" to start a quick scan.

recover deleted files

Step 3 Quick scan will be launched automatically once started. If you can't find your data, you can choose the "All-Around Recovery" mode to have a deeper scan although it will take more time to scan.

recover deleted bkf file

Step 4 After the scan finished, you can preview the shown recoverable data. And then you can choose your desired files and recover them by clicking the "Recover" button.

recover deleted bkf file

To conclude, it would not be wrong to say that there is no better BKF file recovery tool available on the internet at the moment other than the Recoverit Free. It has all the right features that are required for restoring deleted .bkf files.

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