USB Data Recovery: How to Recover Lost Files from Imation USB

Imation USB Recovery: How to Recover Lost Files from Imation USB

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Imation USB Flash drive manifestationThe amount of data we use nowadays in this digital world is enormous. To handle such extensive data, we may use external storage devices. One way to store data externally and to make it portable is by using Imation USB flash drives. Buy it online or from your nearby store to store your data.

A few problems can occur while using Imation's USB drive, such as losing data. The reasons can be forceful formatting of drive, corrupt files, etc.

The question here is that how to recover files from Imation USB? Is Imation recovery possible? YES! You can recover from Imation USB flash drive. We will see the possible way in this article.

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Part 01: Ways Through Which You Can Lose Data from Imation USB Flash Drive

Many people nowadays carry their data in portable storage devices. Imation USB Flash Drive is a common way to take your data with you. But the risk of losing your data from USB Flash Drive is not impossible.
Women reacting on losing data from the Imation USB Flash Drive Several reasons can cause this data loss. Few are reasons can be:

These are not the only reasons, but there can be more. However, these are the common ones.

Part 02: How Can I Retrieve Data from an Imation USB flash drive?

Method 01: Using Windows Backup
To retrieve data from Imation USB, a straightforward way is using the Windows backup feature. It is a simple built-in method that helps you to restore a previously-stored backed-up version. We will see how to perform Imation USB data recovery:
Step 01 – Plug-in your USB drive to the computer.
Step 02 – Locate your USB drive in My Computer and right-click on it.
Step 03 – Select the "Properties" from the list down.
Step 04 – Click on the Previous Version Tab and select the available previous version.
Restore previous version tab



Step 05 – Click the "Restore" button.
This method works sometimes. It does not guarantee 100% success.
Method 02: Using Wondershare Recoverit Software

My PC suddenly got frozen, so I rebooted it. I removed my 8GB Imation USB without unplugging. When I inserted it into my PC again, my computer recognized my USB drive but I got the message that I need to format the USB if I want to use it. Is there any solution to solve my problem? I do need to get my data back!
This USB formatting problem is one of the most common reasons that cause USB data loss issues. Other reasons could be deletion, virus infection, or even system error. Fortunately, programs are available on the Internet that can help you retrieve deleted and formatted files from USB flash drives, including your Imation USB. Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is what you need, which makes it possible to retrieve a variety of file types from your Imation USB, including images, videos, audio files, document files, etc.
A trial version of Wondershare Imation USB Recovery is available now. This trial version helps you to learn how the program works and gives you the chance to scan your Imation USB flash drive before purchasing the registered version.
Download the trial version free now! Windows version of Wondershare Imation USB Recovery is now fully compatible with Windows 10.
file recovery
Your Safe & Reliable USB Flash Drive Recovery Software

Process Imation USB data recovery in 3 Steps
Connect your Imation USB with your computer and run Recoverit on your desktop.

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Step 1. Choose data lost scenario to Recover Data from Imation USB
Select the scenario you met to recover data. You can select the option of "External Devices Recovery" to start USB lost file recovery.
choose scenario for usb data recovery

Step 2. Scan Your Imation USB to Perform Imation USB Recovery
Select the drive location of your Imation USB and click "Start" to begin scanning for lost data.
select drive location for imation usb data recovery

Note: If a quick scan can't find your files, go to scan again with "All-Around Recovery". All around recovery supports deeply searching for more files from Imation USB drive, which takes a longer time than the quick scan.
all around recovery to recover data from imation USB recovery

Step 3. Retrieve Data from Imation USB Selectively
Now Recoverit will list all found contents on your Imation USB in categories, just as you can see from the image below.
To check how many files you will be able to reclaim, you can check file names one by one; or for images, you have a chance to preview them too.
Then select files you need and click "Recover" to save them back to your computer or other storage devices.
imation usb recovery

  1. This guide is based on the Windows version of Recoverit. If you are a Mac user, you can follow the similar operations to recover data from Imation USB with Mac version.
  2. To avoid data being overwritten, we highly suggest you do not save the recoverable data to your Imation USB during the recovery.

Part 03: Ways to Maintain Your Imation USB Flash Drive

Proactive approach to prevent data from lossWe have seen until now that you can lose your data from a USB Flash Drive. We have also seen how to recover files from Imation USB. But you might be thinking about a PROACTIVE approach rather than the REACTIVE approach.

Is it possible to prevent the data from being lost? The answer is YES. You can take some steps to minimize the chances of data loss. Let us discuss a few of the preventive measures you can take:

Part 04: Conclusion

Making the conclusion

We now know that Imation USB recovery is possible. Recovering data through Wondershare Recoverit software is much easier and more success-guaranteed than any other method.


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