How to Recover Deleted/Lost AVI File

How Can You Recover Deleted AVI File?

We are here to help you recover the lost AVI files. Read on to find out the tricks.

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AVI, also known as Audio Video Interleave, is amongst the most popular format of video files. It has been in use since 1992. A large part of your video library too will consist of AVI files. There are numerous advantages to using the AVI format- with the major one being that it is compatible across a range of operating systems and media players. In addition to that, AVI files are also of comparatively higher quality.

The Trouble with AVI File Recovery

So you are wondering as to why do you need AVI file recovery? Data loss is something that can happen with any file- regardless of how careful you may be. It is not uncommon to accidentally delete files- only to realize that you need them later. If you have AVI files stored on an external storage media- such as a memory card or flash drive, then the risk is even greater.

A faulty backup, accidentally formatting the hard disk, physical damage to the device and virus attacks are some of the common reasons that lead to loss of AVI files. When something like this happens to you, do not be worried, for there is a way to get your files back with the most trusted AVI recovery software in the market.

The Best AVI File Recovery Software

When it comes to AVI file recovery, then Recoverit data recovery software is a name that more than half a million people trust and depend on. This is the only file recovery software that provides you with a high degree of user-friendliness with a powerful file recovery algorithm. Right from deleted and lost file recovery to formatted files, corrupt/inaccessible data, and so on- there is nothing that you cannot get back using this file recovery software.

Thus, with all these great features and much more- there is little doubt as to what you should use when it comes to AVI file recovery. Up ahead are the very simple steps that are to be followed for performing lost file recovery while using this AVI recovery software.

Recover Deleted/Lost AVI File with Recoverit

Step 1 Select the memory card from where AVI files are to be recovered

To recover deleted AVI video files, select the location where you lost your video files and click "Start". You can select the option "External Removable Device" to start scanning lost video files.

recover video files

Step 2 Try deep scan mode

If the quick scan can't find your lost AVI video files, go to the deep scan which will search for more video files and take more time for lost file recovery.

deleted avi video file recovery

Step 3 Getting your AVI files back from the scan results

This AVI recovery software will take a bit of time to go through the memory card and look for lost/deleted AVI files. Upon competition, it will give you a list of the set of AVI files that can be recovered from the memory card. From this, select the ones that you need and click on "Recover". With this, you will successfully perform AVI File recovery and get back your files!

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Tips for AVI File Recovery

The specialty of this AVI recovery software is that it makes the entire process very simple yet highly effective. In addition to the above-mentioned steps, you can take care of a few other things while doing AVI file recovery to get the best results:

Thus, with these simple things considered, your lost file recovery process will be efficient and productive. Now that you can get Recoverit for Mac as well, you can recover your Avi files using your Mac PC. Thus- no matter how and where you lose/delete your AVI files, the best AVI recovery software will surely be able to recover these for you.

Besides AVI file loss, AVI file corruption happens oftentimes. How to repair AVI files.
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