How to Recover Deleted Files from HP Hard Disks?

How to Recover Deleted Files from HP Hard Disks?

If your files deleted from HP hard disk, you can get free Recoverit to help you recover files from HP hard disk.

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Accidentally deleted or formatted files from HP hard disk? Or files were lost due to hard disk corruption or virus attack? Then you're in the right place now. This article is going to talk about how to recover deleted files from HP hard disk in 3 steps.

Before getting into the recovery steps, you need to pay attention to one thing: When your files are lost from HP hard disk, no matter it's due to deletion, formatting, disk corruption, power failure, etc., you should stop using your disk to save new files immediately. New files will overwrite your lost files. Once that happens, it'll be difficult to recover lost files from a hard disk, even impossible.

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The Best HP Hard Disk Recovery Program

Wondershare Recoverit is a reliable and professional data recovery software for HP hard disk. You can use them to recover various kinds of data from HP hard disk on your Windows or Mac OS, including photos, videos, audio files, emails, Office documents, PDF, HTML, and more. Before recovery, you can preview the content of lost files for checking.

How to Recover Deleted Files from HP Hard Drive

Warning! DO NOT install the program to the same partition where you lost data for avoiding overwriting it.

Step 1 Connect HP HHD to the desktop computer.

Step 2 Choose the HP hard disk where you lost your files, documents, photos, and videos.

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Step 3 Scan the HP hard disk for the lost files. You can stop or pause the scanning process to preview files.

If you cannot find out the lost files after scanning, it is advised to perform a deep scan.

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Step 4 Preview and recover the files from HP hard disk.

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When the scan is done, you can see all the found files on your HP hard drive sorted by their file types and folders. You can switch the views by clicking "File Type" or "Path" at the right top corner. All pictures and parts of the video files can be previewed by simply clicking them. And you can select the files to be recovered and then click the "Recover" button.

NOTE! When recovering files, don't save them on the same partition where you lost them before. Choose another partition or disk to store them. If you want to recover files later after the scan, remember to save the scan result and you can directly recover them by importing them, instead of rescanning.
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