The Best USB Hard Drive Models

What is a USB Hard Drive

The market is flooded with storage options for users to choose from. While portable external hard drives are ruling the market for their durability and the portability, there are quite a few storage devices that combine the brilliance of the latest technology with the hardware of yesterday. USB Hard Drive models are available in abundance and help the user with their storage options. Basically, USB Hard Drive is an external hard drive that connects via a USB Cable. Using a design similar to that of the external Hard Drive, it comes along an external casing that protects the drive. The device comes along a USB Cable to help connect your drive to the system. Almost all the USB Devices come along a USB 2.0 connection which ensures speedy data transfer.

Part 1: Top 5 USB Hard Drive Models

1. Western Digital's My Passport

Company: Western Digital


a) 500GB-2TB variants
b) Backup software included
c) Economical
d) USB 3.0 connectivity
e) Password protection features

USB Hard Drive Model 1

Review: For the ones who are hungry for space and want their storage device to do a little more than just storing data, Western Digital's My Passport packs a powerful punch. With variants available from 500GB-2TB, users have a lot to choose from. Additional features that include data security and backup are excellent in attracting the users.

1) List Price on Amazon (1GB): $78
2) List Price on Walmart (500GB): $59-$69

2. Seagate GoFlex Ultra Portable:

Company: Seagate


a) Reliable, Rugged, and Flexible
b) Automatic backups
c) USB 3.0, eSATA , Firewire connectivity
d) Dependable features
e) Economical

USB Hard Drive Model 2

Review: For the ones who are surprised how this older model from Seagate makes it to our list, we have the answer in this device's features that are not only fundamentally awesome, but also make for increased dependency, which is a crucial factor when storing you data. The data transfer speed is good, and is a good place to start your digital library. This Seagate External USB Hard Drive is pretty powerful in its functions.

List Price on Amazon:  $54 (1GB, USB 2.0)

3. Western Digital My Book

Company: Western Digital


a) Ideal as a desktop storage device
b) Smartwave automatic backup Software
c) Password protected and Encrypted
d) can be synchronized with cloud services
e) Supports numerous connectivity options

USB Hard Drive Model 3

Review: It won't be wrong to say that this device has been around for ages now, literally. One of the best USB Hard drives; it packs a powerful punch for the users who want additional storage for their desktops. The automatic backup just relieves you from the stress of backing up your data. With the option of cloud synchronization, this 1 TB USB Hard Drive is every enthusiast's dream; a dream that can be accomplished with ease.

List Price on Amazon: $90 (2TB), $110 (3TB), And $160 (4TB)

4. Seagate Free Agent Desk

Company: Seagate


a) Ideal for desktop storage
b) Default support for USB 2.0 (Supports USB 3.0)
c) Economical
d) Built-in automatic backup software
e) Encryption available

USB Hard Drive Model 4

Review: The traditional storage device from Seagate comes with numerous storage options. Having earned a renowned name for themselves in the market in the past few years, they come along with USB 2.0 connectivity option by default while there is an option to have it customized with USB 3.0 as well. Encryption of data ensures that you don't have to worry about your data to be in the wrong hands.

List Price on Amazon: $82 (1TB), $92 (2TB), $118 (3TB), And $150 (4TB)

5. Apple Airport Time Capsule:

Company: Apple


a) Wireless router
b) Remote access with iOS device
d) Numerous storage options
e) Built-in-firewall

USB Hard Drive Model 5

Review: While this USB hard drive may not appeal to the ones who aren't looking to invest such a hefty amount, there is no doubt that Apple's Airport Time Capsule is a powerful device with the application to connect all the devices at home. The setup and installation process is fairly easy, and it can also be used to Wi-Fi the bridge to another room.

List Price on Amazon: $300 (2TB), $400 (3TB)

Part 2: How to DIY a USB Hard Drive

Here we list out the steps for you to build your own USB hard drive:

So, as we learn, creating your own USB Hard Drive is not that difficult indeed.

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data from USB Hard Drive

Unexpected data loss often happens, and you do not have a recent data backup. With one of the best USB hard drive data recovery tool, you can easily retrieve your lost data back.

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Recoverit supports to recover accidentally deleted, lost or mistakenly formatted data from USB hard drive. It is quite easy to use with just a few clicks.

Get the specific steps on this guide - USB Data Recovery: Recover Files from USB Drive - to recover lost data from USB hard drive.

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