How to Verify Disk Problems and Repair Hard Drive on Mac

Your Mac can fail to reboot because of various hard drive problems. Check here the common issues, how to repair disk on Mac and recover data with Recoverit.

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After updating Mac, it suddenly started displaying a black screen. I tried restarting it several times, but the issue remained the same. How can I fix the corrupted Mac? I will appreciate the help!

Does that sound familiar to you and you are also looking for how to repair disk on Mac? Your Mac can fail to reboot because of various reasons. So, it is vital to check your hard drive periodically for finding out any errors and fix them with the timely repair. Failing to do so can even lead to losing your essential files. This article will walk you through the common Mac hard drive problems, how to repair them, and how to recover data after disk repair with Recoverit.

Part 1- Common Mac Hard Drive Problems

Mac is considered the most trusted system, and it contains solid-state drives. Even then the hard disk is not immune from corruption and failures. We will introduce you with the common hard drive issues, the causes and symptoms that make hard drive non-working on Mac.

1. Problem: Hard Drive Not Mounting Or Unrecognized

When you start your Mac, generally the hard drive mounts automatically and makes you easily access your computer. But sometimes the disk fails to mount on startup; you can’t access it as except the erase button all the other operations are disabled. Your Mac can even fail to start when the hard drive does not mount.


Part 3- How to Recover Mac Data After Disk Repair?

After understanding the solutions for fixing the hard drive problems of your Mac are you thinking- “how do I recover files from a corrupted hard drive Mac?” Once the hard drive of your Mac is repaired, data recovery is also easy with Recoverit Data Recovery software.

The backup is always recommended before initiating any actions on your drive. If you are not able to get a backup, Recoverit data recovery software helps you in recovering Mac data after disk repair.

Recoverit Data recovery

When hard drive develops a problem while repairing it, your stored information can get overwritten, lost, or deleted. Recoverit, the leading recovery software saves your data by recovering it. The software supports 1000+ file formats and has the highest recovery rate. It can recover data from storage spaces like your Mac’s hard drive, desktop, external drives or devices, SD card, drone camera, etc.

Download and launch Recoverit on Mac to recover files lost during disk repair.

Step 1- Select Location

To begin the recovery process with the software, select the location first. As you have lost data from your drive, select it as data is missing from it. When done with the selection, click on start and begin the scan.

location selection

Step 2- Scan the Location

All-around and deep scan are the two scan types that Recoverit performs. The software starts with the all-around scan. As per the file size, it takes time from a few minutes to hours. You can even stop or pause the running scan for your convenience. For instance, you can view your lost data; then there is no point in waiting for the scan to complete. Save your time by stopping it.

But if the files that you are looking for are not found after the completion of the scan, go with deep scan. It will dig deep into the system to search the lost data of Mac.

scanning in progress

Step 3- Preview and Recover Data

Before recovering the files, Recoverit allows you to take a look at all the files found during the scan. Click on them to preview them. You can also see the necessary information like file name, path, size, and modified date.

Preview and confirm the target files. Complete the recovery by clicking on “recover.” When prompted, save the files on your selected path. With this, the recovery process completes, and now you have access to all the lost or misplaced files of the corrupt drive.

recover files

A piece of vital information that is mandatory to mention here. While assigning the location to save the files after recovery, does not keep them at the same place from where you have lost them. The data can be overwritten if you select the same path, and if this happens, it can lead to permanent data loss. So, be carefully while allocating the path to save your files after recovery.

Closing Words

Be it the Mac or Windows; the hard drive can develop a problem anytime. By now, you must have understood the common problems that occur with the hard drive or Mac users usually face. We have listed various problems, their causes and symptom and the solution for Mac Book pro disk pair. All the solutions are explained in detail. Follow these steps to repair HDD Mac.

While fixing the hard disk issues, you can lose your vital information. At such times if you are not having a backup of your system, Recoverit is there to help you in retrieving lost data.

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