How to Reinstall Internet Explorer 9/8/7

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When need to reinstall Internet Explorer?

When encountering problems with Internet Explorer, most people are accustomed to try to solve the problems by reinstalling it at the very beginning. Actually we can reset the settings instead, which can help to set your Internet Explorer to the default condition.

Open your Internet Explorer, hit Internet Options > Advanced, then click Reset. OK, your Internet Explorer's settings to their default condition. If this setting cannot help to solve the problem, we can choose to reinstall Internet Explorer.

How to reinstall Internet Explorer 9/8/7

First of all, uninstall Internet Explorer from your computer. Then go to the official site of Windows Internet Explorer:

You can choose 3 kinds of Internet Explorer to download: Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Please choose the language of the Internet Explorer that is suitable for your computer, and then start downloading. When the download finishes, please click "Run" in the download box. Then hit on Continue in the User Account Control dialog box.

OK, the Internet Explorer has been reinstalled on your computer now! You can decide to restart your computer right now or later on.

Make sure a fast and stable Internet Explorer

Generally, you may feel your Internet Explorer runs slower and slower gradually if you never clear or do some related maintenance work for it. At this time, reinstall is not the way to fix it. The best way is to get it light by clearing the cache, history records, and more that slow down your IE browser. You can try Wondershare 1-Click PC Care, which can light your IE browser with 1 click, as well as light your computer system at the same time by erasing various errors and junk files. It's really worthy of trying this PC and IE/FireFox browser assistant.

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