All the New Features in macOS Sierra

Apple brings an innovation with every new update that it brings - and the macOS Sierra is one of the best examples of that. With the latest operating system for your Mac, Siri is finally there on your laptops as well. All you have to do now is to talk - and your Mac shall do it for you.

That is not all along with Siri. A number of other features have also come with the macOS Sierra. Let us go ahead and see what these features are, and what they add to your Mac.

Universal Clipboard

One of the hottest features that have come with the macOS Sierra has to be the Universal Clipboard. If you are an Apple lover with multiple Apple devices, such as the Mac, iPhone and/or other Macs- then with the Universal Clipboard, you can copy text, images and videos from any app on your iPhone and paste it to a nearby Mac. Or, you can copy anything on your Mac and paste it to your iPhone or other Mac that is lying nearby. Thus, the Universal Clipboard seamlessly brings together all your Apple devices. Copy the ingredients from a recipe and paste them to your shopping list on your iPhone- and do much more!

Unlock With Apple Watch

The unlock with Apple Watch is easily the coolest feature that has been added with the macOS Sierra. With this, your Mac will unlock automatically as you come near your Mac. This lets you log in even before you sit down- cutting down on those precious few seconds of typing in your password. It will also lock the Mac itself when you step away from to take a call or attend to an urgent need, and unlock when you come back.

iCloud drive

The iCloud drives lets you access the files on your Mac from your iPhone as well. All the files that are present on the desktop of your Mac and the Documents folder can be stored and updated automatically on the iCloud drive. This allows for seamless access across other Macs and all iOS devices.


With the macOS Sierra, the photos app has seen a major overhaul- now being known as "Memories". The Memories feature brings all your moments in a single place. You will even get to see some past forgotten moments from your library. It will also create amazing collections and slideshows of your images. This will include collections based on the location, people and a lot more. If you want your Mac to do more with photos, then Memories is what will accomplish that. It also has the intelligent search, which allows you to search for photos by typing what is in them- such as a sunset, birthday cake or any other element. You can even sort the various photos by the people in them, making use of the best face-recognition technology available. You can even track your visits on a map by the locations gathered from your photos. Simply zoom into see where you shot that amazing picture!

Optimized storage

The Optimized Storage feature in maOS Sierra automatically stores the files that you rarely need in iCloud, and keeps them available if needed. In addition to that, you can use it to find and remove the old files that you do not need any more. This ensures that the files you need or use recently are on your Mac at all times, and there is space for storing new files as well. Any items that have been in the trash for over 30 days are also automatically deleted. macOS Sierra also prompts you to remove duplicate logs and downloads, clear the used installers for apps and all other useless stuff.


Messages have been beautifully redesigned in the latest macOS Sierra. You can now send huge emojis for adding that extra bit of emotion to your message, including a large thumbs-up or a beating heart. In addition to that, you also get the functionality for previewing any links and playing the videos in the conversation itself.


Apple Music has been made a part of the redesigned iTunes version. Finding new music has been simplified in the latest version of Apple Music. You can even find playlists based on recommendations for you. With the Browse section, you get to see the best of every genre and artist that is there. Further, all the information about latest releases, exclusives and much more is there in Apple Music. The new MiniPlayer even lets you see the lyrics while playing back a song.

Picture in picture

The "Picture in Picture" feature lets you float a video window from iTunes or Safari to a full-screen application or to your desktop. You can play videos in any corner of your Mac desktop, resize to see more or less of it and do much more. Catching up to your favorite podcast while checking your email is now made easier. Further, you can even watch that highly-anticipated game while playing your favorite game simultaneously.


One of the most irritating things that happen is piling up of windows on your desktop- and the resigned tabs help avoid that. Once you have macOS Sierra on your Mac, you will be able to use the tabs feature. Browse between various pages and look at all the destinations on a map without any hassle- tabs simplifies and cleans it all up for you.

Thus, with all these amazing features, there is no doubt about the fact that the macOS Sierra is surely an impressive innovation. Every feature has something unique and useful to offer to users. It is something that every user is longing for- and the fact that it is a free upgrade for all Mac users makes it even better! So what are you waiting for- upgrade your Mac to the macOS Sierra today to enjoy an amazing experience!

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