How to Recover Lost Data from Mac HFS Partition with Recoverit

How to Recover Lost Data from Mac HFS Partition

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Have you lost your important data from the Mac OS X which was stored on the HFS Partition? Many people tend to delete their data by mistake or by some other sources.

Part 1: Troubles of Data Lost from MAC HFS Partition

If you are a Mac user, you might wonder how to perform the Mac HFS Partition recovery or backup for your lost or damaged data. Many users also ask queries for retrieving their precious data which has been lost from the HFS or HFS+ partitions of the Mac device. The Mac devices or computers usually consist of the logical drives or the local partitions including the HFS and HFS+. Like most of the operating systems, the Mac devices have important partitions for files like HFS (Hierarchical File System) and HFS+ (another version of Hierarchical File System). The common problems faced by the users when the data gets lost from the HFS partition include:

  • Data becoming invisible.
  • Failing to access the data by the users.
  • Loss of data due to virus attacks.
  • Uncertain crash of the HFS partition.
  • Software corruption might result in the loss of data.
  • Corruption of the file system.
  • Loss of data due to some sort of physical or hardware damage of the Mac device.
  • Loss of data due to unauthorized access of the vital data.

Whatever might be the reason for the loss of data like images, videos, audio files, messages, contacts and emails, Recoverit for Mac has the best solutions to the Mac data recovery.

Part 2: The Complete Guide to Mac HFS Partition Recovery

If you wish to achieve the Mac HFS Partition recovery, you can achieve it easily with the use of Recoverit, an effective Mac data recovery software. It can find the solutions to all the data-related issues as it provides the best and the most reliable backup and recovery solutions. Recoverit can also be used for computers, flash drives, hard drives, smartphones, cameras, memory cards, and Camcorders. The users can recover their lost or damaged data including the photos, videos, and audio files from the storage devices of multiple systems.

How to Recover Data from Mac HFS Partition

There might be cases of the vital data getting lost or damaged from the HFS partition of the Mac devices. However, panic is unnecessary for you in such cases as Recoverit comes to your rescue by offering the top-notch data recovery services with much ease and in a cost-effective manner. Here is a step-by-step guide for the Mac HFS Partition recovery of data:

Step 1 Select the desired HFS partition

Select the partition where you lost your files. Click the "Start" button on the bottom-right corner to scan the partition.

HFS partition data recovery

Step 2 Start a thorough scan

Recoverit for Mac will commence with an all-around scan. If you can't find your data after the scan, you can opt for the "All-around Recovery" mode to deeply search your partition. It will take more time.

deep scan HFS partition

Step 3 Select the wanted files to recover from Mac partition

Once the scan completes, you will be shown a list of all the files that Recoverit has found in the Mac partition data recovery process. Preview and recover them to a safe storage device.

partition data recovery

The Mac users can make use of the highly efficient Recoverit Data Recovery tool for retrieving their lost or damaged data from the HFS partition, with much ease and in a cost-effective manner. But do not save recovered data on the same partition, in the event of data overwriting. It will be more difficult to recover replaced files.

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