How to Create Another Account on Mac?

Do you need to manage different users on your Mac? Get the latest tips for making new user accounts on Mac in the following discussion.

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The operating system of Apple has easy provisions for creating new user accounts. However, in certain cases, many administrators are required on a Mac to deal with the requirements of different people having to manage the computer. The following guide would shed light on how to create a new user on Mac.

The decision to have multiple administrator accounts on a Mac can be tricky. Many users prefer to have a single administrator account due to security reasons. However, multiple user accounts could be helpful in certain scenarios, especially when there is trouble in logging in to the Mac from one account.

Furthermore, examples of scenarios such as schools where multiple administrators at a facility have to manage the system show the need for multiple user accounts. Parents could also need different user accounts on a Mac to manage the activity of their children on the computer. Most importantly, it is also essential to assign administrator account access privileges to trusted people. With this case background, let us proceed to learn different ways on how to make a new account on Mac.

Part 1. Can You have More than One User on A Mac?

The answer to the question presented here is ‘Yes’! It is possible to have more than one user on a Mac. Before diving into the process of how to add a user on Mac, it is essential to learn about the advantages of having multiple user accounts. The facility of adding new users is specifically helpful for a new co-worker or a new family member accessing your Mac. A new user account comes with personalized settings and can be tailored according to the requirements of specific users.

For example, application preferences, the desktop wallpaper, and iCloud account information could be unique for each user account. Each user account could have a distinct collection of files and folders unique to each other, and it is essential to prevent any sort of overwriting or interferences by any account with the files of other accounts.

The administrator account is readily available in a new Mac device, and it is a mandatory account that can add as well as manage different user accounts on the Mac. It can also install applications as well as change settings. Now, let us reflect on advantages with the option on Mac to add user accounts by reflecting on different types of user accounts.

The standard user accounts provide the advantage of allowing multiple users to use Mac. The advantage associated with the standard user account is to provide access to Mac in the case of educational institutions where tutors and support staff can access a Mac but with the administrator privileges of the dean or head of the institution.

User accounts that are managed with parental controls are also another option to create new user on Mac. The users of these accounts can gain access to the apps and content selected by the administrator. The advantages of this type of user account are observed in regulating the duration of using the computer by children, restriction on the contacts and website access for children.

The facility of “sharing only” user accounts provides the advantage of remote access to files without any privileges for changing the settings or logging in to the computer. This type of user account can be employed specifically for users with whom the Mac shares files frequently without the users directly accessing the Mac.

accounts provide uniform access privileges to multiple users. Different users can access shared files and folders. For example, if multiple users in an office require access to stationery files stored on the Mac of the office manager, then a group account can help.

Part 2. How to Create a New User on Mac?

As discussed above, a new Mac account has many notable advantages, and it does not take rocket science to figure out the process for making a new account. It is essential to observe that the process for the creation of a new account is practically the same in different versions of macOS and Mac OS X. Furthermore, users could also create user groups or add guest users depending on their preferences. Let us discuss these solutions to create a new user on Mac.

1. Make a New Admin User

2. Create a User Group

3. Add a Guest User

Part 3. Bonus about Adding User on Mac

Now that we have covered the details of processes of how to make a new user on Mac, it is reasonable to focus on the bonus facilities that come with it. For example, it is essential to understand the different benefits of a guest account as well as processes for customizing the login screen or changing the user passwords. These solutions can help in improving the user experience on Mac for different users.

1. Benefits of Guest Account

The Guest account is another helpful feature for simplifying responses on how to change user on Mac. This option allows other people to use the Mac device temporarily as guest users. The benefits of a guest account can be presented as follows:

A guest account is a prolific tool for safeguarding your privacy as guest users could not access personal information such as notifications, browser history or the applications opened in the Finder window.

You do not have to be worried about how to make another user on Mac for a guest account. A guest account creates a temporary workspace and the data in the account is deleted upon logging off thereby saving up a lot of disk space.

The facility of a guest account on the Mac is a clear provision for improved security. If your Mac is stolen, then anti-theft software could access the location of a device by tempting the thief to access the Mac through the guest account. If the Mac has only one administrator account locked with a password, then it can be difficult for the thief to access the device.

2. Change User Account on Mac

The changes in user account on Mac would include changing the Mac user account name and home folder name. So let us go through the different processes in which you can change your user account on Mac.

Changing the Mac User Name:

Change the Home Folder Name

Changing the Username

3. Customize the Login Preferences

4. Change the Mac User Password

The process to change the Mac user password is somewhat similar to the process to create new account on Mac with slight differences.

Part 4. Tips for using multiple accounts on Mac

The process to add user on Mac should also be supported by the presentation of appropriate and relevant details on using multiple accounts.

Dealing with Issues:

You can troubleshoot issues with a frequently used application by creating a “test user” account. This is suitable for Mac OS user to troubleshoot issues when using multiple accounts. Understanding the behavior of an application in the test account can help in finding the reason for problems with the account.

Keeping Safety in Check:

Multiple accounts should be used as a non-admin user to ensure safety. The facility of fast switching can be implemented to change user on Mac quickly between the user account and admin account.

Maintaining A Safe Distance:

The multiple accounts created for distinct purposes such as personal activities and work should be different from each other. For example, you can create Home and Work accounts that can help in maintaining a distinct gap between the files on each account.

Improve the Functionality of Certain Applications:

If you are wondering about how to make another account on Mac, then the information mentioned above can come in handy. However, multiple accounts could also be used in the best way to optimize the performance of certain applications. For example, creating a user account for a specific application can help users to access the highest levels of performance from the application.

Addressing Concerns of Data Loss:

The use of multiple accounts on Mac such as guest accounts could also lead to loss of data upon logging off. Furthermore, the concerns of switching between accounts can lead to mistakes that can result in data loss. Therefore, it is advised to use Recoverit Data Recovery software for dealing with such concerns of data loss. The tool can be implemented in three simple steps mentioned as follows:

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