How to Install a Hard Drive on Windows and Mac

If you feel your HDD is old and not performing at full capacity, then it is time to change it and install a new one. Here we will show you the tips and tricks to install a new Hard Drive on Windows P.C. and Macintosh.

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There can be multiple variables behind the decision to change and install a new hard drive on your Windows/Mac computer. The biggest reasons being if your P.C. is old and you have never upgraded your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) before, then your disk drive is in danger of failing and, which would potentially result in you losing your data. Stick around and see our practical method to install a new HDD on both Windows P.C. and Mac.


Part 1. Overview of Hard Drive Components:

Before starting the procedure of installing a new hard drive on the computer system, it is advised that you know what a hard drive is? Along with a summary of its components and the importance of the hardware at play. We will discuss all that in this section of the article.

What is a Hard Drive (HDD)?

To think of it the hard drive of your computer is its soul, there's no P.C. without a hard drive. It is the place where you store all of your data from the computer's operating system to any ordinary image file. It is the place where all the codes of the O.S. rest, which enable you to connect to the internet and perform routine functions. It uses a magnetic disk that can hold information engraved in tiny strips inside, that is why the hardware is so inexpensive and accessible among masses.


Difference Between SATA and IDE:

Hard drives in your P.C. need a cable/connection for data and one for power. There are two types of cable available in the market which are IDE & SATA, and we will compare both of them.

Closing Words:

It is our responsibility to maintain the health of our hard drive as it is the backbone of your computer system, and without the HDD, the P.C. is a piece of metal filled with expensive hardware.

We have discussed at length the method of installing a new hard drive on a Windows P.C. and briefly touched the process of fixing a new one on a mac as well. We recommend that you use SATA cable in place of IDE on your new disk.

It is also advised that you run diagnostic tests on the system regularly and keep the computer clean to increase its efficiency.

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