How to Partition Android SD Card

Advancements in technology have left us baffled with the changes it has brought. SD card is another wonder of the tech world. It can increase the memory of mobile, camera, and tab devices to 100 folds. Sometimes, however, such a large memory on a device can be hard to handle. This tutorial will show you how to partition a memory card for easier access to the user.

Part 1: Purpose of Partitioning an Android SD Card

Among many of the useful reasons, two stand out considerable; increased speed of the device and easier access for the user.

  1. Increased speed
  2. By splitting the SD card into two or more drives, the load on it lessens. When there is less load on the device to open a particular file, it will provide the user with the best downloading and processing speed.

  3. Easy access
  4. Once the device has been partitioned, finding files will be easier as there will be less clutter to delay the process. The SD card without partition will open with a delay but when it comes to partitioned SD card, it will open with far much greater speed as compared to normal.

Part 2: How to Partition Android SD Card

The process to partition Android SD Card is very simple. The user needs to make sure that the stated steps are followed to successfully partition their device.

  1. Click one this to download a software that will partition the SD card. Once it is installed, it will provide two versions of this tool; free and paid. For this process, it is recommended to use the free version as it has all the functions needed to complete the process.
  2. partition android SD card step 1

  3. Users should back up all the data on the SD card as a precaution before the partitioning process. Users need to make sure that the SD is inserted into the card reader and the reader is inserted into the USB port. The mini tool will automatically recognize the SD card.
  4. partition android SD card step 2

  5. To start the partition, delete the entire SD card after right-clicking on it.
  6. partition android SD card step 3

  7. Right click on it again to partition Android SD card, and use FAT 32 system to start the partition of the card. It should also be noted that the new partition should be set up as a primary. The number of partitions, as well as the sizes should be allocated, as has been shown in the figure below:
  8. partition android SD card step 4

  9. Press the ‘OK’ button to ensure that the process is completed. Take out the SD card and insert into the phone. Switch on the phone when it is inserted.
  10. partition android SD card step 5

  11. Users then need to download an app called Link2SD from this on their phone which has the SD card.
  12. partition android SD card step 6

  13. The user will be prompted to select between ext 2, ext 3, ext4, and FAT 32. Users should select ext 2 and reboot their phone after they have tapped the ‘OK’ button.
  14. partition android SD card step 7

  15. Select the options that have been in the figure below and tap the ‘ok’ button.
  16. partition an android SD card step 8

  17. This will move the app to the SD card upon installation. It will also make sure that the system related apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp are also transferred to the SD card without any issue or problem:
  18. partition an android SD card step 9

  19. Users will now be able to see and use the partitions. They can make more partitions by using the process stated above.
  20. partition an android SD card step 10

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Partition SD Card

In case all the data has been lost from the SD card,Recoverit can be used to recover it. This state-of-the-art program can recover any data that has been lost.

SD Card data recovery

Your Safe & Reliable Android SD Card Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

Here are the steps that should be followed to recover the files from Android SD card

  1. Launch Recoverit SD Card data recovery software and select the scenario to recover. Click the "External Devices Recovery" to start.
  2. recover data from android SD card

  3. Next choose the path where the files were lost, in this case, you select the Android SD card on the "External Removed Device" section.
  4. android SD card recovery

  5. Then Recoverit will start a quick scan to search lost files from the SD card. You can also turn to "All-around Recovery" for more files while it takes more time.
  6. recover data from SD card

  7. After the scan completes, you can preview the displayed files from android SD card. Click "Recover" to save them into another storage.
  8. recover data from SD card

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