Which is the Better Data Recovery Software

Part 1: 7 Data Card Recovery

Designed for any kind of recovery, the 7 Data Card Recovery is one of those data recovery software programs that are available free of charge over the Internet. In this way the 7 Data Card Recovery though being used by tens of thousands of people mainly because it is free has failed to get the desired results for the user in this regard. It is one of those programs that often never present 100% results to the users and thus the people are not able to get the recovery in the best manner. It is therefore required by the users to get the best and the most diligent data recovery software programs in this regard and forget the old fashioned and outlandish tools that are not able to serve the purpose now due to the rapid advancement in the technology. 7 Data Card Recovery is although working to make sure that the people within the market get sound knowledge of the product but the fact of the matter is that they are far from reaching the customer satisfaction level that is being expected in this regard. 7 Data Card Recovery on the other hand also has a strong customer base but unfortunately these customers are those who are able to recover small chunks of data and when it comes to the large file or huge data recovery, it is advised not to use this program.

Part 2: The Alternative 7 Data Recovery Software: Recoverit

On the other hand Recoverit comes with a free version that is the first and the foremost advantage of using the product as it makes sure that the final decision of the customer is effected in the best manner. It is also to be noted that the Recoverit data recovery software in this regard also makes sure that the best results are given to the user so that they are able to get the data restoration 100% or even close to this. This data recovery software program is definitely not free for unlimited recovery amount but it comes with lifetime updates once a small amount is invested in this state of the art program. Unlike 7 Data Card Recovery, Recoverit supports up to 550+ formats that could be recovered and restored in the best manner. It is therefore a program that is worth purchasing and the user could be sure that the best results are obtained in this regard as the program is built to get the ultimate customer satisfaction. From small to large file recovery, Recoverit has made sure that the best services are delivered to the customer so that if there is a next time then this program becomes the ultimate choice of the user that is definitely never changed in this regard.

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Your Safe & Reliable Data Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
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7 Data Card Recovery VS Recoverit: Which is Better?

Metrics and names


Supported storage

Supported situations

Supported files

Supported devices


Easy to use and no maintenance required

All storage devices and types supported

All major and common situations supported

550+ file formats supported

All devices supported

7 Data Card Recovery

Attractive interface and free of charge

Limited storage device support

Uncommon scenarios are targeted

Limited file types added that is about 100 to max of 250

All devices supported

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Data from Memory Card

It is one of the best and the state-of-the-art tool that could be used to make sure that the data is recovered in the best manner and eventually the user gets the best result in this regard. It is to be noted that the program has been designed to make sure that the user gets the best results without any delay and also gets the best outcome. The interface of the program is too simple to use and even a novice user can make sure that the best results are obtained in this regard. In order to make sure that the user gets the best results, it is advised to foolow the next simple steps:

Step 1: Select a data recovery mode. To recover lost or deleted files, please select "External Devices Recovery" to get started.

recover deleted data from memory card

Step 2: Select your memory card data storage device where your data gets lost, and then click "Start" to go on.

Note: Make sure your memory card has been connected to your computer and detected.

recover data from memory card

Step 3: Recoverit will start a quick scan for your lost files. If it can't help you find the wanted data, please opt for "All-around Recovery" for more deleted files with more time.

deep scan memory card

Step 4: After the scan, go to preview scanned data and click "Recover" button to get back your important data.

deep scan memory card

Pick your favorite data recovery software

Based on the table and the analysis that has been done in this regard, it can be safely regarded that Recoverit is the better option to recover lost data from storage devices that a user should go for to make sure that the data recovery is done for sure. The free tools are not always reliable so 7 Data Card Recovery is never recommended and for the same reason it is also to be noted that the software is very difficult to use and as compared to Recoverit, it is zilch in terms of performance and file extraction.

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Recoverit 8.0 has been released.

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