[Wondershare] Recycle Bin Recovery: Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

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Recycle Bin is not the End of Data

Emptied the Recycle Bin/Trash

You might have accidentally emptied your recycle bin or trash without checking important files and folders. Don’t panic. Recoverit has a powerful ability to recover data from small to large files/folders.


Deletion by Mistake

The files/folders you needed in the Recycle Bin have been accidentally deleted because of one wrong click? Recoverit enables you to get them back easily and quickly.


Deleted by Third Party Tool

Antivirus software is running to help you clean virus and malware. It may also clean files infected by virus. We support you to get those files back without virus effecting your computer's safety.


Recover Deleted File from Recycle Bin in Simple Steps

Step 1. Select "Recycle Bin Recovery" Mode

Download and install Recoverit on your computer. Launch it and select the "Recycle Bin Recovery" Mode, it supports to restore recycle bin and recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin.

Step 2. Scan the Recycle Bin/Trash

After selected the recycle bin recovery, it will automatically start a quick scan to search files from recycle bin. You can simply preview the specific recoverable files, if you cannot find your files, you can try with "All-Around Recovery".

Step 3. Deep Scan with All-Around Recovery

Click "All-Around Recovery", it will deeply search more files from emptied recycle bin, while it will take a longer time to complete.

Step 4. Preview and Recover your data

After the scan, you can preview the some photos files. Select the target recovered files which you want get back and click "Recover" button to save your files.

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