How to Format Partition on Windows and Mac

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What is a partition

Before using any disk, you first need to partition it into various sectors or partitions. These logical partitions help in managing your data on disk efficiently. You first need to partition your disk and then format it in order to store your data on it. Platforms like Windows and Mac provide inbuilt utility tools for managing and formatting the partitions, however, there are also a number of external software packages too that will do the same task for you!

Part 1: When and Why Should We Format Partition?

Disk formatting becomes necessary when a user wants to erase all the data in that specific partition. You cannot only format the internal disk partitions but also the external devices like flash drives, HDDs etc. Formatting erases all the data on the disk and now you can use it to store other data. Some scenarios where formatting becomes mandatory include:

Part 2: How to Format a Partition on Windows 10

You need to format your hard drive before you can start storing your data in it. Formatting not only erases all the data but also clears off all the junk from the partition. Disk management is a built in utility offered by Windows 10 that can help the users in creating, deleting and editing a specific partition. Here are the steps to format partition in Windows 10:

Step 1: Launch the Disk Management utility

You can launch the Disk Management utility in a number of ways. Click on start menu and then type "Computer Management"; choose "Disk Management" from the window. You can also open the Disk Management utility from the Command Prompt. Type "compmgmt.msc" and press Enter.

format partition on Windows 10 step 1

Step 2: Choose the "Format" option

The Disk Management window will show all the partitions and disks on the system. Choose the partition that you want to format and right click on it to open the context menu. Choose the "Format" option from this context menu.

format partition on Windows 10 step 2

Step 3: Set the cluster type and file system type

Once you have clicked on the "Format" option from the context menu, a pop appears that asks you to fill in the file system, the name of the volume and the cluster size. Fill in the appropriate details and click on "OK" button. The process of formatting will start once you have clicked on "OK" button.

format partition on Windows 10 step 3

Part 3: How to Format a Partition on Mac OS X?

The Disk Utility tool is available with Mac OS X, so if you want to format a partition in Mac, you can easily use this utility tool. Follow the steps below to format partition through Disk Utility tool in Mac OS X:

Step 1: Launch the Disk Utility tool

The very first step is to launch the Disk Utility tool from your Mac operating system. You can find the Disk Utility tool in the utilities menu.

format partition on Mac OS X step 1

format partition on Mac OS X

Step 2: Choose the partition that you want to format

Once you have launched the Disk Utility tool, the next step is to choose the drive or partition that you want to format. Selecting the drive or partition on the left pane will open the Partition tab on the right side.

format partition on Mac OS X step 2

Step 3: Choose the Erase tab to format

Choose the "Erase" tab from the right pane and check the name of the drive you want to format. Once you are sure, click the "Erase" button to start the formatting process.

format partition on Mac OS X step 3

Part 4: How to Recover Lost Files from Formatted Partition

If you have formatted the partition by mistake and now you wish to get back some of the lost files, then Recoverit can come to your rescue! With the trust of Recoverit features, Recoverit has become one of the most popular data recovery software packages in the market.

partition data recovery

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Here take the Windows version as an example. Mac users can refer to the guide: How to Recover Deleted or Lost Partition on Mac. Now, follow the steps below to recover the lost files from formatted partition:

Step 1: Select the data loss scenario

To recover lost data from a formatted partition, please choose the mode of "Lost Partition Recovery" to get started.

recover lost data from formatted partition step 1

Step 2: Select the lost partition

Then you should select the target partition where your data gets lost, and click on "Start" to go on.

recover lost data from formatted partition step 2

Step 3: Scan the selected partition

Recoverit will start a quick scan for your lost files on your selected partition. It will take a while to finish.

recover lost data from formatted partition step 3

Step 4: Search more files

After the quick scan, if you find your wanted files nowhere, please opt for "All-Around Recovery" mode to deeply search mofe files. And more time is required.

recover lost data from formatted partition step 3

Step 5: Preview and recover files

Once the scan finishes, a list of recoverable files will be displayed. You can preview the files, choose the ones you want to restore, and click on "Recovery" to get them back.

recover lost data from formatted partition step 5

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