5 Things You Should Know About GPT partition

Partitioning is a very important thing you need to do to ensure the efficiency of your computer processing. There are many types of partitioning that one can do nowadays. One of them is the GPT partition.

What Is GPT Partition?

GPT partition is otherwise known as the GUID partition. It is actually one of the latest partition tables developed for the sake of ensuring that the old techniques of MBR partition are not used anymore. With this, the previous restrictions on the hardware due to constant upgrade is overcome as well. Eliminating the MBR partition method will eliminate the limitations on the processing power of the computer since there are more partitions available with the GPT partition.

1How to Partition GPT Hard Drive

There are a lot of people nowadays who are interested in partitioning the GPT hard drive. After all, there are many benefits for them if they do so. Before going through the step-by-step tutorial of partitioning GPT hard drives, just know that the first thing that you have to do is to convert the MBR drive to a GPT partition. Here are the steps to follow for that:

  1. Right-click on the MY COMPUTER icon either on the desktop or the main menu after clicking the START button on the lower left of your screen. Once done, you will be shown a set of options and you have to choose MANAGE.

    partition GPT hard drive step 1

  2. Select DISK MANAGEMENT once the Computer Management interface is shown. It should be on the left pane of the said interface. Once you click on DISK MANAGEMENT, the center pane will load some information.

    partition GPT hard drive step 2

  3. Right-click on the partition that you will be changing to GPT. Once a set of options are shown, you will then have to select DELETE VOLUME.

    partition GPT hard drive step 3

  4. The next step is to make sure that the unallocated portion is also converted to GPT partition. As soon as the deleted partition is right-clicked, the option CONVERT TO GPT should show.

    partition GPT hard drive step 4

Can We Install Windows 10 on GPT Partition?

Windows 10, as of the moment, is the latest operating system that Windows can offer. There are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed for this operating system. The Windows 10 operating system is basically not yet stable and Microsoft is still working on stabilizing it for home user’s use. Since this is the case, it is not yet recommended to go through with installing a GPT partition on Windows 10. Specialists are still on a trial-and-error phase regarding the installation of the said partition to this new operating system so the only thing that can be done right now is to wait for future updates regarding the matter.

2How to Recover Data from GPT Partition

There should be numerous partition data recovery software that one can use in order to recover lost data from doing GPT partition. For the sake of this tutorial, Recoverit Data Recovery will be used.

The Best Partition Recovery Software

Recoverit - The Best Partition Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, lost partition, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

Free download Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer, with it you can perform partition recovery, deleted files recovery and RAW hard drive recovery. Here are the step-by-step tutorial on how to recover lost data with Recoverit Partition Data Recovery:

  1. With this partition recovery software, select the mode of recovery scenario you meet. You can select the option "Lost Partition Recovery" to start.

    recover data from gpt partition-step 1

  2. Select the location where you lost your data. A list of the partitions you have will be shown next. Click on the GPT drive to proceed to the next step of this process.

    recover data from partition-step 2

  3. Go to "All-Around Recovery" if you can't find your data after the quick scan.

    recover data from partition-step 3

  4. After the scanning finished, you can peview the recovered files and see which ones you need. Select the ones that you want to completely recover.

    GPT partition data recovery-step 4

  5. After you are done reviewing the lost files recovered through Recoverit Partition Data Recovery program, you need to click on the RECOVER button that is located at the lower right side of the interface.

And you’re done! You can now be at ease with the thought that you have already recovered important data that was once lost due to the GPT partition.

What Is The Difference Between GPT and MBR Partition?

A lot of people are confusing MBR with GPT. While these two may be similar in some aspects, they are two entirely different types of partition. Knowing their difference can help you out when you want to properly partition your hard drive.

For the GPT partition, it is a relatively new standard for partitioning introduced by Intel. This is the type of partition that ensures the UEFI is replaced with an innovative and advanced partition type. Under the GPT partition, there is no limit to the number of partitions created. The disk size for the GPT partition is also very large, ensuring that the partition can hold a large quantity of data.

On the other hand, the MBR partition is basically the type of partition with the OS boot data stored in just one place. That means that if the said data is corrupted or overwritten, then the computer user is in deep trouble. MBR only works with hard drives with a 2TB size. It is unable to support any hard disk with a larger capacity than 2TB. GPT partition, on the other hand, can support more than 2TB granted that the excess becomes the extended partition.

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