How to Create Partition in Windows 10 ?

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Things can be quite difficult if the computer that you work with suddenly get damaged. Also the efficiency of the person would be reduced if there are issues with the computer that he or she uses. The truth is that almost every single person has become quite dependant on these devices. Hence as a basic requirement, you should be familiar with some of the issues that are associated with computers and the methods to adopt in order to rectify them.

And when it comes to such problems, the disk repartitioning issue is quite popular. There are many situations that would be solved if you repartition your disk drive. For example if you need to install multiple operating systems on your computer then you would need different dedicated disk drives. Also if you need to reinstall the operating system on the computer, then too you would need create partitions on the drive that you have. Also if you need separate storage locations for different data files then you can create separate disk drive partitions to serve the purpose.

Overview of create partition

The most common problem that arises is that there are chances for the date in the drive to be lost during the process of repartitioning. So make sure that you know about the different tools like system recovery and system backup and restore tool. These tools are available in the windows 10 operating system. So in all these cases, you need to have at least one disk partition that can hold all the data that needs to be recovered.

If you are unaware about the disk management tool, then make sure that you get to know about it. It can be opened through multiple methods. One is to open it from the Admin or the win 10 menu.

Another method is to access it from the control panel. Also you would be able to access this utility by right clicking on the My PC and then selecting the manage option. Windows 10 has a universal settings app and this can be used to access the disk management. Use the combination of the windows key and the I button. And type in disk management.

Why create a hard drive partition?

Creating a hard drive partition is quite important for various reasons. As mentioned above, the reasons might be different like need to resize the partitions, need for multiple operating systems etc. Before creating the hard drive partition, make sure that you are familiar about the process of partitioning. 

The need to create a system recovering image or backup image would also require you to create the backup partition on the drive. Also if you don’t want people to access information that are important, then you can store then in different partitions of the drive.

How to Create Partition with Disk Management

Disk management is a great tool to create, extend, shrink and delete partition for free. Any windows 10 user can take help of this great tool offered by Microsoft for free. 

Before creating a hard drive partition, don’t forget to backup important data.

1. Open the disk management tool and then find all the drives available on the computer. You would be able to find the different partitions.

2. Right click on the disk that you need and click on the shrink volume option.

The wizard would guide you through the process. You would be able to enter the amount of space that needs to be removed from the disk drive and made free. And then click shrink

3. Now there would be a tile called unallocated space in the disk management. Right click on this tile and click on the new simple volume option. This is to create a new partition.

4. The wizard would open and hence click next.

5. Enter the desired space of the new volume and thence click next.

6. Next step is to assign a letter for the drive. You would be able to select a letter from the different options available.

7. Click next and select the type of drive that you need to make. Click on the next option.

8. The final stage would show all the changes that you made and you would have to click on the finish option.

Result of your work will be like following image


The most important thing when it comes to repartitioning is making sure that the data is safe during the process. external software like EaseUS can help you out. Also make use of the system backup and recovery tools.

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