Fix “File is too large for Destination File System” Error

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Are you a regular user of computer applications who has encountered this message before?

“The file is too large for the destination file system”

When you attempt to move or copy a file from one folder to another? What your system is trying to tell you is as clear as day. It means that the file is either too large or the destination is too small to take in the file you are trying to save in it. There are practical explanations for this type of computer technicality.

Overview of the issues

Normally, file systems control file storage, organization and identification in Windows drive. Common file systems are NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32. FAT only works with individual files not larger than 2GB while FAT 32 can take in maximum file sizes of 4GB. Attempting to save a file much larger than their storage capacity will spring up this error message. To resolve the issue you will have to do two things

Below are several helpful tips you can adopt to fix the error but before you do any thing make sure you backup your files first to avoid losing them. Here are the solutions we recommend

Solution 1- Copy your large files to a FAT32 by converting it to a NTFS system

FAT 32 has a 4GB limit but it is only made for USB drives. You will have to first format the FAT32 USB drive the convert it to NTFS to cross the threshold of “file too large for USB”. Follow the steps below.

Note: Choose the File System that suits your needs

Solution 2- Copy your large files into FAT32 without converting to NTFS

This option let’s you convert without formatting and you can also split larger files into smaller ones before extract original files from the much smaller ones.

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