How to Fix the User Profile Service Failed the Logon

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User profiles on the Windows computer can get corrupted and turns up the error User Profile Service Failed the Logon. There are three methods to solve the problem, and the right method for you would depend on what error message you receive that contains this issue.

This issue happens as soon as you type the password to your Windows login window and press Enter.


Windows 10 uses the login details of a Windows account to let you use the applications and programs on your PC. Sometimes, error prompts like “The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.” will appear after you type the correct password for your user profile. This may indicate that the profile has been corrupted.

Some of the causes of this error is the failure in updating using the Windows Update service, a resizing of a partition, creation of a new user profile, or undergoing a system restore, among others. You can try rebooting the PC before doing anything else to see if this fixes the problem. This sometimes clears the bad sectors and allows you to logon to the Windows account again. If not, there are other methods you can try and these will be discussed here.

Make sure to create a restore point and make a backup of the hard drive so that your files are safe and secure even as you modify some of the system settings that make your PC vulnerable. You can also backup your Registry files in Safe Mode before proceeding.


After you reboot and find that it still hasn’t fixed the issue, you can try any one of these methods to resolve the problem.

Solution 1: Booting into Safe Mode and Checking the Profile Service Status

If the error message indicates User profile service failed, you need to boot the PC in Safe Mode and check the status of the Profile Service to fix the corrupted file.

1. Restart the PC a few times to enter the Automatic Repair window.

2. The Window will then redirect to a list of options for repairing. Choose Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Options.

3. On the Advanced options selection, click on Startup Settings.

4. The next window will then direct you to Restart your PC. Select it to continue,

5. On the next selection, choose Enable Safe Mode by pressing the F4 key or the number 4.

6. Press Win + R simultaneously to open Run dialog box.

7. On the space, type in services.msc and select OK to proceed.

8. Navigate to the User Profile Service and then right click on it. Select Properties.

9. On the Properties popup window, locate Startup Type and change it to Automatic.

10. On Service Status below the Startup Type, select start and ensure that it indicates Running before clicking on OK to proceed.

11. Exit Safe Mode and restart your PC to open the logon page and see whether the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Deleting SID and Creating New Profile

Another step to take is to delete the SID that causes the error User Profile failed to logon.

1. Boot the computer into Safe Mode by restarting a few times and following the steps above from 1-5.

2. In the search box, type in View advanced system settings and select the top result.

3. A popup window would appear which is the System Properties. Click on the Advanced tab and locate the Settings button under User Profiles.

4. Choose the profile that you should delete in the User Profile window that appears and then select the Delete button. Press OK after doing so.

5. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R simultaneously. Key in regedit and select OK to proceed.

6. The Registry Editor window appears. On the left side pane, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ Current Version\ ProfileList

7. Open the folder with the label S-1-5 (the SID key) that is followed by a trail of numbers and locate Profile ImagePath that has the corrupt user profile on the right side pane.

8. As soon as you found the corrupt SID key that needs to be removed, right click on the folder and then select Delete.

9. Reboot your PC and log in again to check if the issue is resolved. The new user profile will then be automatically created when you log on next time.

Solution 3: Change Registry Editor

A corrupted user profile will result in the error User Profile Service failed the logon. You can try modifying the Registry, but you have to secure your files by creating a backup of the hard drive before proceeding.

1. Boot PC to Safe Mode by following steps 1-5 of the first method.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R simultaneously. Key in regedit and select OK to proceed.

2. The Registry Editor window appears. On the left side pane, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ Current Version\ ProfileList

3. Locate the folder with the S-1-5 SID key trailed by a long line of numbers.

4. on the right side of the Window, locate ProfileImagePath entry and the double click on it to check whether this is the corrupt profile. In the Value data entry of Edit String dialog box, the user profile should be indicated.


If there are two folders with the S-1-5 label and the other one ends with .bak, you should rename the folders. First, right click the folder without the .bak extension and select Rename. Type .ba and press Enter key.

Next, rename the folder ending with .bak and select Rename after right clicking. Remove the .bak and press Enter key.

Right click on the renamed folder with .ba and select Rename. Change it to .bak and press Enter.

If there is only one folder and it ends in .bak, rename the folder by removing the .bak at the end and pressing Enter.

5. If you found the correct user profile, double click the RefCount entry on the right side of the window and enter 0 on the Value data space.

6. After everything is done, close the window and reboot PC. Try logging on again to check if issue is resolved.


Try any of the methods if you want to resolve the user profile service failure and see whether any of these are able to fix the problem. If not, you can use a recovery service or contact a professional to help you resolve the issue. They will ensure that your data is protected even when they are fixing a vulnerable system issue.

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