How to Fix windows cannot be installed to this disk gpt windows 10?

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People have become so dependant on computers that no one would be able to lead the same standard of life if computers are taken away at a particular instant. All our careers would suffer drastically if computers seize to exist.

So since the level of dependency is high, each and every single person should be aware of some of the common issues that arise with computers. It is tricky to remember solutions to all the issues, but you should have the ability to read, understand and follow the steps of a solution if they are given to you.

One of the most common issues that arise with windows computers is ‘windows cannot be installed to this disk’. This issue mainly arises in the case of windows 10.

The different types of the error:


Windows wouldn’t get installed in the disk. The major reason for this error is that the motherboard of the computer would be only compatible with legacy BIOS not for both the UEFI and legacy. In legacy, only MBR disks can be used to install the OS.

Enter the BIOS menu by restarting the computer and pressing a key while booting. This key would be different for different companies and hence search for your particular model’s key. Check whether the motherboard is a UEFI one or not. If not then converting from GPT to MBR is the only solution.

Solution 1: conversion from MBR

Method 1: Use the disk part tool

a. Open the CMD by pressing shift +F10. This should be done after pressing OK to the error message.

2. Type in these to clean disk:

‘Diskpart ‘ then type ‘lisk disk’ and then ‘select disk x’( x is the disk number) followed by ‘clean‘and then ‘convert MBR’

You would be notified when the conversion is over

Method 2: Use the Disk management tool

This method can be adopted if there is a different operating system in the computer.

a. Right click on My PC to Open the disk management then choose the manage option.

b. Delete all the disk volumes by using the right click and clicking ‘delete volume’

c. When all the space becomes unallocated space and then by right clicking to open menu and then select the convert. This should do it. ‘

Solution 2: Changing the mode of the booting

The process is simple, you just need to enter the BIOS and set the mode to CSM or both.

F10 should be pressed in order to save the changes.


Windows wouldn’t install due to MBR partitions

The reason is that windows has a rule that the operating system can be only installed on GPT disk and not on a MBR disk.

Solutions: The steps to solve this error are exactly same as the first error. You have to either change the disk type or you have to change the boot mode.


Windows wouldn’t get installed because of dynamic volumes

Windows doesn’t install on to all kinds of dynamic volumes. The volume should have been a boot partition or a system partition earlier.

Solution3: conversion to the basic type disk

Method 1: use the disk management tool

Open the tool and delete all the one at a time. This would result in all the volumes becoming basic disks.

Method 2: use diskpart

a. Run the CMD using shift and F10 together.

b. Follow the commands given below

c. After this enter ‘convert basic’. You would be notified after the conversion. Then type exit.


Windows wouldn’t be installed due to hardware problems

The two reasons are either the hard disk protection is ON or the SATA controller mode was set wrongly.


windows would not be installed on this disk. The disk may fail soon.”

This error is usually the indicator that there is something wrong with the disk.


“Windows cannot be installed to the hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted in NTFS”

If the disk have been formatted in an incompatible file system then this error would be created.

Fix the error to convert MBR to GPT using the Disk part tool

1. If you see the error screen, then press shift and F8.

2. In the command prompt type in diskpart.

3. Once the tool opens, type list disk.

4. This would display the list of disks. Now type “select disk #”

5. Change the # with the number of the disk from the list. Next use the clean command. Type in convert gpt and then press enter.

6. Once this is completed, restart and continue with the installation.


When it comes to issues regarding computers, no one would be able to solve everything with no help. So do not feel bad about seeking out help. There are various forums that can help you out.

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