Review of Gparted for Windows in 2020

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This is a review of Gparted disk partitioning tool that runs externally from computer operating systems. It has remained one of the most popular partition tools on the internet and we reveal all there is to know about this tool of convenience.

Overview of Gparted

Gparted is a free partition tool for formatting, resizing and general partition management. Since it runs outside computer drives it can be installed and used without an operating system. With Gparted, you can create space for new OS, increase or shrink C: drive and even recover data from lost partitions. This tool is known to function with file systems such as

Btrfs - exf2/3/4-FAT16/32-HFS/HFS+ -Linux &Swap - LVM2 PV -NILFS2 – NTFS – REISERFS/REISER4 – UDF – UFS – XFS.

Gparted also allows you to

Gparted is designed for X86 and X86-64 computers that run on Linux, MacOS or Windows with a minimum RAM space of 256 MB.

The pros and cons of Gparted

What are the pros and cons of using Gparted partition management tool?



How to use Gparted for Windows

This tool is very easy to use but you will need to burn the tool into a CD or a flash drive. To start things off shut down the system and boot it from the CD containing the Gparted tool. Press Enter at the first prompt and wait for the tool to come alive

Are there any alternatives to Gparted for Windows?

Some of our readers have enquired from us if there are alternatives to Gparted partition manager. Based on popular demand, to conclude this review, we reveal to you five equally good Gparted alternatives.

1- Rufus

Rufus is an advanced utility tool for formatting and creating bootable USB drives. With Rufus you can

And lots more

2- Active Partition Manager

Active Partition Manager

3- KDE Partition Manager

KDE is a program that aids hard disk management, partition and file systems. It allows you create, move, resize, delete and copy partitions without the risk of data loss


4- Parted Magic

This application utilizes Gparted and parted programs to execute partition tasks. It also uses other programs such as Testdisk, fDisk,sfdisk, ddrescue and DD. The extensive file system collection it uses makes it a great alternative to Gparted. With Parted Magic you can

5- Disk Genius

Formerly owned by Partition Guru, this tool has an extensive feature which users can use to optimize disk usage. Here are some of the things you can do with Disk Genius

And lots more. Disk Genius also supports FAT 16 and 32, NTFS, Ext2 and 3.

Gparted is a functional tool for managing disk space in your hard drive and it is a very reliable and responsive program. If you prefer to use a different tool, any of the other five listed in this review are very good tools for partition management.

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