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Paragon Partition Manager is a free downloadable tool for partition management in Windows. This tool helps you resize, format, delete, and hide partitions in your device. Although the Paragon Pro version is sold at a price, the free version can still do what other partition recovery software can do and much more. Below is a quick review of this recovery tool.

Summary of Paragon partition Manager

This partition software has several functions for partitioning your hard drive with ease as well as for optimizing and managing the disk space in your device. It works so well on Windows because it allows you to restructure the drive into segmented partitions, use multiple OS (operating system) at once and to redistribute free space. Based on what we've found, the Paragon partition manager is one of the few recovery tools that work with virtual and physical drives.

Paragon Partition Manager (features, pros, and cons)

Key features of Paragon Partition Manager

Some of the essential features of this recovery tool include

Pros of using this Recovery Software

Just like with any other recovery tool, there are pros Paragon offers to users.

Easy Setup: The tool has been set up in such a way that anyone can download it from the internet and use it immediately. The setup wizard becomes active the moment it is installed and launched.

Activate changes after submission: Changes to your hard drive don't go into effect without your order. After partitioning your drive, it remains in its original state until you give the command for the changes to this effect. This is a great benefit should you decide not to segment your drive any longer.

Make adjustments: The tool allows you to undo changes already done to your hard drive or re-effect the changes. You can make adjustments as often as you wish

Basic edits: You can do basic edits with this software tool. The free version allows you to enjoy this benefit at no cost.

Automatic Configuration: Paragon has an amazing automatic configuration feature that works with most hardware devices.

Cons of using this recovery software

Limited use: The first con I noticed with the use of this tool is the limited features open to users of the free version. There is quite a lot of restricted access to essential features on this software. Only users of the Pro version get the maximum benefits of using the Paragon partition manager. Unlike some of its other counterparts, the free version offers very little.

Few formats: Paragon only works with FAT32, NTFS, and HFS systems. Another recovery tool in the same category works with more file systems than these three. If your file system is not one of the three mentioned, this manager is not for you.

Setup file is too large: If you are already having limited storage issues, installing this tool may complicate the issue even further because of its large setup file.

How to Use Paragon Partition Manager

To use the free version of this partition manager you will have to download and install it first. Here is a step by step process on how to use it.

Paragon has three main features that you can use to create partitions, resize them, and split/merge them. The setup wizard allows you to redistribute disk space or recover accidental deletions.


Paragon partition manager provides you all the benefits of segmenting your disk space into separate compartments for data storage. You can recover lost partition, redistribute space evenly in your storage and run separate operating systems on your hard drive without any issue.

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