How to Shrink a Windows 10 Partition

How Can We Shrink a Windows 10 Partition

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Computers have become quite close to us humans in many different ways. It is safe to say that there has been no other invention that has influenced us by such a factor. This makes it very important to make sure that you understand the common issues that are likely to arise with a computer.

One such issue is the need to shrink a partition of the disk drive. There are numerous solutions to this problem and each one is fairly easy. You need to follow the steps carefully to complete the process.


Shrinking a disk partition is something that would come in handy if you are a person who uses a computer very frequently. Especially if you are a person who likes to store a lot of data on your computer, then you would need to free up space now and then. If you shrink a disk volume, you would be able to allocate the free space to make a new partition.

The reasons for this might be different:


There are different solutions to this problem and in this article, we would be discussing three of the easiest methods to solve the issue.

SOLUTION 1: making use of the disk management tool

a. Right-click on the start button or press the windows button and the letter x at the same time. This would open a menu and from the menu, choose the disk management option. This would open the disk management tool

b. Right-click on the disk that you want to shrink from the various disks that are shown in the disk management. Then click on the ‘shrink volume’ option.

c. The next step is to enter the number of MB that you want to shrink from the partition.

d. You would be able to see the total space available in the disk and the size available for shrinking in the same disk partition.

e. Now click on the shrink option. The next step is to look at whether there is a new simple volume that has the unallocated space that you just shrank.

SOLUTION 2: Make use of the Disk part tool

a. The first step is to open the elevated command prompt or the command prompt at the boot menu.

b. Once the command prompt is opened, you would have to type in the following commands.

c. This command would list out the different disk partitions available on the drive. You would be given details about the size available and the total size of these disks.

Type in the following commands.

# need to be replaced by the number corresponding to the disk partition that you want to select.

d. Type ‘shrink’ and then press enter to execute the process. If you need to shrink by a particular size then type in ‘shrink desired=<size in MB>

Once the shrinking is over, you would be notified. After this, you would be able to use the unallocated space to create a new simple volume.

SOLUTION 3: using the partition on the disk in Powershell

a. Open the elevated power shell.

b. Type in the command ‘Get-Partition’ and then press enter to start the process. make sure to note down the number corresponding to the disk partition that you need to choose.

c. Type in ‘ Get- PartitionSupoortedSize – DriveLetter <Drive Letter>

d. The next command is to make the shrink in different sizes as specified by the user.

e. If you need to shrink in Bytes, use the command

Resize-Partition -DriveLetter "<Drive Letter>" -Size <Size>

f. If you need to shrink in KBs use

Resize-Partition -DriveLetter "<Drive Letter>" -Size <Size>KB

g. If you need MB or GB, then replace the KB with MB or GB accordingly.

h. This would initiate the process and once the process is completed, you would be notified. Once this is completed you would be able to create a New Simple Volume by using the unallocated space.


When it comes to problems related to computers and computer peripherals, the process of solving the issue might take long durations of time. Hence make sure that you are patient when it comes to the solution.

And if you are not able to solve the issue then make sure that you follow the steps given by experts in the field. Numerous sites offer help when it comes to computer-related issues.

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