Solutions for Windows cannot be installed to a Disk

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Some computer users sometimes have trouble installing Windows 7. 8 or Windows 8.1 because of an error prompt telling them that they cannot install a disk. Even some Windows XP users have encountered similar issues while trying to install the application. This is however not a problem without solutions.

Overview of the Issues

What you have to know before proceeding to the solutions section is that there are basically two types of partitioning structures namely the Master Boot Record (MBR) and the Guidelines Partition Table (GPT). MBR is compatible for most applications and it has being in use for a long time while GPT is a new version with several advantages and is gradually phasing MBR our. If you are facing this installation problem, it is because the OS you are installing is a UEFI based system that requires a GPT for a successful installation. With the original OS having MBR partition an error will ensue. Let us now show you how to fix the issue using two effective options.

Note: Make sure your have fully backed up your data before you use any of these solutions otherwise all your data saved in the partition will be deleted from your disk.

1st Solution

2nd Solution

Hopefully, these two options should enable you install any Windows of your choice without delays.

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