Fixed: System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10

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A computer's system and compressed memory is designed to compress folders and files in hard drives and it also manages RAM as well. The compression capacity of this feature allows it to take up only limited CPU usage but in certain peculiar situations, system and compressed memory may take up as much as 100 disk usage which could lead to system malfunction. If this is the case with your PC, there is no need to be worried because we will show you how to rectify it in this article.

Overview of System and Compressed Memory Error

One of the evidence of system and compression running on 100% disk usage is when you notice that your device hangs. This only happens intermittently for about a minute or two before the disk starts running again. This error is also common in old Laptops that do not have advanced CPUs to carry out commands speedily.

While this issue occurs once in a while it may become a big problem if it keeps reoccurring. System and compression error will not only reduce your work speed, it can also lead to some other technical issues. If you are facing this error with your PC, down below are effective steps to resolve system compressed memory high disk usage in Windows 10.

How to fix system and compressed memory 100% Disk Usage

Here are 9 tested and trusted solutions for fixing system and compressed memory 100% disk usage

Solution 1: Scan your PC for Virus

If your system is infected by malware, it will cause a system and compressed memory high disk usage. To rid your PC of malware you need to install a reliable anti-virus software. After installing the software, run a deep scan of your hard drive for threats. If threats are found, follow the instructions to rid your device of all malware found. After the process is completed, restart your PC to check to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2. Repair all Corrupted Files

Just like in mobile phones, computers have their own system files without which they cannot function smoothly. If you tamper with any of the default files found on your system, issues may arise. A corrupted file can cause system and compressed memory 100% usage. To scan and repair corrupted files, follow these steps

Solution 3. Reset Paging File Size to Automatic

Normally, Windows ought to be able to manage paging file size but users are also able to manage it on their own by giving it a custom size. Doing this however has it’s drawbacks as it may lead to a 100% disk usage. If you want to revert back to default setting so Windows can manage file size do the following.

Solution 4: Disable the System and Compressed Memory Process

If the fault is not resolved after returning page file size to default setting it means something else is to blame. However, the fault can still be fixed by completely disabling system and compressed memory.

Solution 5. Disable Superfetch

For those who don’t know, Superfetch is a service in Windows designed to improve device performance. An active Superfetch however can lead to a 100% disk usage problem. Luckily for users, they can disable it with three simple steps

Solution 6. Adjust PC for Best Performance

To improve performance,

Solution 7: Kill Speech Runtime Executable

Speech Runtime Executable can also raise disk usage significantly if active. Speech Runtime is used for recording and can use a lot of your PC’s resources. To kill this feature

You may have to repeat this process severally.

Solution 8: Find out if RAM Is Failing or Has Failed

A faulty RAM or a RAM that has stopped working will affect system performance and cause high disk usage. To find our if RAM has failed, replace each RAM stick one after other. If you replace the faulty stick your device will no longer suffer from a high disk usage.

Solution 9. Check for Hard Drive Errors

You can use a Partition Software to check for errors in your hard drive. Just go online and download a free to use software like Recoverit or Rufus. Launch the software after installation and follow instructions to check for hard drive errors

Tips & Tricks to Avoid System and Compressed Memory High Disk Usage

Although all the solutions listed are very effective in fixing system and compressed memory high disk usage, the wisest step to take however is to avoid the issue altogether. Paying close attention to your computer will help you avoid actions that may cause it to malfunction. Here are some tips to take under advisement as far as system and compressed memory high disk usage is concerned.

We do hope that we have been able to provide you with a solution that will help you resolve this technical issue. Identifying where the fault lies may take you sometime but with any of these solutions, your high disk usage issue will become a thing of the past.

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