What Is the System Reserved Partition and Can You Delete It

What Is the System Reserved Partition and Can You Delete It?

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Computers are perhaps the only kind of machines that have achieved the privilege of helping out such a large number of people in their careers and personal life. Almost everyone would be requiring to use a computer at least every once in a while. The truth is that most people have personal computers like mobile phones. So it is important to know about the issues that are likely to arise in your computer or else you wouldn’t be able to tackle a problem when one arises. Also if a computer stops working properly, many things associated with the person using the device would be in trouble. Even if you do not know the solutions to all the problems, you should at least know to implement one if you are provided with it. And there are various sites on the internet that offer solutions to various problems and issues related to the computer. One such popular query from the people is about the system reserved partition and whether it is possible to delete this. This article would deal with these two topics.


Before getting into deleting or manipulating the reserve partition, you should understand what it is and what it is for.

What is system reserve partition?

System reserve partition is a special partition in the hard drive of computers which is created by the Windows operating system. This started with windows 7 and both windows 8 and 10 do the same. The operating system creates this special partition at the time you install the software on a fresh disk. Earlier versions of the windows would not have a similar special reserve partition. The partition is present on the windows Serer 2008 R2 version too. In the case of Windows 7, the size of this partition is 100MB. The size has increased to 350 MB in windows8 and 8.1. the size has further increased to 500 MB in the windows 10 operating system. You might have received the error that says ‘We couldn’t update the system reserved partition’. This is because the older version’s partition didn’t have the required space.

What does the system reserved partition do?

The 2 important things that the partition contains are:

When the computer starts up, it has to run the boot data, which is in the boot configuration data store. (BCD). Also when the computers fire up, it runs the boot loader from the system reserve partition.

If at all you think about encrypting the data in your hard drive using BitLocker encryption, then the data required to boot the computer would be stored in the system reserve partition.

The windows OS creates the partition during the installation process before prompting the user to allocate space for major system partitions on the computer.

Can you delete the system reserved partition?

Once the partition is created on the drive during the installation of windows, it is almost impossible to delete the partition. Even if you need to reduce the partitions, the reserve partition should be your last choice.

How to Prevent the System Reserved Partition From Being Created?

You can always prevent the partition from being created. The only way to do this is to install the OS on an existing partition.

The first method would be to extend the system reserved partition. When you boot the installation disc, you would be asked to create partitions. Just click ok

There would be two partitions. Delete the second partition.

Now select the system reserved partition and click extend.

Click on the Format option and now you would be able to select this for installing windows.

The next method is to use a software called AOMEI partition assistant.

Boot your computer from the AOMEI bootable media. And then right-click on the unallocated space. Then click on ‘create partition’.

In the window that arises, select the size and location. Then click OK

Make sure that the changes are correct and then apply the results

This software can be used to extend an existing reserved partition or move the partition without data loss.

Another method is to use diskpart. Press the shift key and the f10 while the installation is going on. This would open a command prompt window. Type in disk part and click enter.

Now create a new partition in the unallocated space with the help of the disk part tool. Then continue with the setup process. choose the partition that you have already created when asked to create one.

Remove an existing system reserved partition:

Simply deleting the partition is not possible because the boot files would be stored in there. So first you need to bring the boot files to the main windows system drive. This might sound easy but this is a process that involves workings with registries, drives, updating the BCD store, etc. So make sure that you know what you are doing before starting.


There are various guides available on the internet that would be helpful to those who are having doubts about the topics related to the system reserve drive. But make sure that only reputed sites are selected for reference.

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