Solved: Windows Modules Installer High CPU Usage Error in Windows 10

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Windows Modules Worker is one common error associated with Windows devices. If your system has encountered this error, the Modules Installer will be unresponsive and place a huge strain on the CPU. This error is not without a solution though as there are several methods you can use to fix the error.

Overview of Windows Modules Installer Error

Windows Modules Installer Worker tool is a program built for Windows to check for new system updates. With this tool, your device can update itself and fix bugs. While updates are taking effect, Windows Installer Worker runs in the background with a very high disk usage. In some cases, this may create a non responsive issue while checking for updates. If you are currently experiencing this problem with your Windows device, here are five solutions to fix it.

How to Resolve Windows Modules Installer Worker Error

1- Disable Modules Installer

Module installer is a very vital part of your system file so disabling it is not a necessity. A system with a disabled Module Installer will not be able to receive update and fix bugs but you can stop updates in a bid to stop the Installer from launching. To successfully disable installer, stop update downloads from the network connection. There are risks associated with this method but you may try it to see it if fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next solution.

2- Change updates to Manual

If you change updates to manual, Windows will no longer download updates automatically. To do this, here are the steps to follow.

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